Would like to be pregnant mothers, still running between the various hospitals, are still struggling to find a folk prescription? In fact, excessive impatience is more likely to hinder pregnancy. Successful pregnancy requires the perfect combination of sperm and egg. With the continuous progress of science and technology, this is no longer a problem.

1. Master the law of ovulation

Ovulation is the best time to conceive, which is known to all human beings on earth. Therefore, calculate the ovulation period, and then plan to carry out the “creation plan”, is absolutely the most important part of all moves. The ovulation test is actually the same as the early pregnancy test paper. Immerse the test paper in the urine. If ovulation is indicated, the expectant mothers should give up their shyness and move quickly. You should know that the possibility of “being shot” at this time will be countless times higher than that of other times.

In addition, there is a common method of basal body temperature measurement. Ovulation usually occurs before or during the rise of basal temperature. The first three days when the basal temperature is at the rising level is the “easy pregnancy period”, and the range of temperature rise is generally 0.3-0.5 degrees. In the easy pregnancy period to carry out the “creation”, of course, is the best choice!

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Page 1: Mastering ovulation rules

Page 2: Mastering the best time for conception

Page 3: master the best posture

Page 4: prepare eight early pregnancy test papers


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