December 12, for many people, is a day of pain and happiness. After the excitement of buying, it’s a pity for the wallet. But this day is even more special for Yinger, the artist, because it’s her birthday on December 12, at 12:12 noon, Yinger posted a pink birthday cake on her microblog with the text “thank you for your baby’s coming, the best birthday gift this year”. I believe that gossip girls all know that in August this year, Fu Xinbo and Yinger only made their love public. Now, Yinger is pregnant, which is the envy of many pregnant sisters. How to prepare pregnancy efficiently? Some tricks you still need to know!

Tips 1. Check before pregnancy

In the early years, “white-collar” seemed to be the envy of the industry, but now, the nine to five, pressure mountain white-collar class often laugh at themselves. Staying in the office for a long time without exercise will directly affect the blood circulation of the whole body, and the pressure on the pelvis will make the blood circulation of the uterus less smooth.

Therefore, pregnant women need to do a pre pregnancy test for themselves. The key examination before pregnancy includes comprehensive routine physical examination for both husband and wife. On the premise that there are no other problems in the body, for white-collar workers, obstetricians and gynecologists generally recommend them to carry out routine physical examination, and then carry out targeted exercises in daily life to strengthen pelvic muscle strength, at the same time, ensure a reasonable daily life and rest time, refuse to smoke and wine, balanced intake of nutrition, and ensure a relaxed mind.

Move 2. Find the right time and position

Meiling and her husband have been married for more than two years, and they have been pregnant for more than half a year, but Meiling’s stomach still hasn’t moved. Meiling is very confused: the frequency of sexual intercourse with her husband has been quite frequent. In addition to the menstrual period, which is almost every other day, when she meets the ovulation period, she works hard every night to do her homework. How can she still fail to make a success?

There are quite a lot of people like Meiling couple. Many people think that increasing the number of AA can increase the probability of pregnancy, which is a big mistake. The right time and right posture are very important for the sperm prince to meet the egg Princess smoothly. The important time is to calculate the ovulation period of women and increase the probability of fertilization; and the correct posture is the position of sexual intercourse between husband and wife, which can help the sperm to rush to the egg more smoothly.

3. Multiple plans to determine the ovulation period

Some women think that the 14th day before the next menstruation is the ovulation day, but actually each woman’s menstruation period is different, so the calculated ovulation period also has some errors. Therefore, if you want to find “that day”, you can consider three ways to analyze it: calculating ovulation period, observing cervical mucus and measuring basic body temperature.

1. Calculation of ovulation period

This kind of calculation method is generally for women with regular menstrual cycle. The ovulation date is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual period. Generally, the first 5 days and the last 4 days of the ovulation date, together with the ovulation date, are regarded as the ovulation period. This calculation method can roughly calculate the ovulation date, and the little couple can have planned sexual intercourse in those days.

2. Observation of cervical mucus

More careful women can usually find that after menstruation is clean, they will feel a “dry period” of the vagina, which becomes a “wet period” after a few days. This feeling occurs because of the moist feeling of the vagina caused by the cervical mucus of the vagina. After the humid period, there is a new cycle of menstruation, which is also one of the methods to identify the ovulation period.

3. Basic thermometry

Generally speaking, the basal body temperature will change periodically with the menstrual cycle. When a woman ovulates, it’s just before or from low temperature to high temperature. However, after ovulation, the increase of basal body temperature indicates that ovulation has occurred. Therefore, the first three days when the basic body temperature of a woman is at an elevated level are “easy pregnancy”. At this time, women can know by daily measurement that the temperature rise range is generally 0.3 ℃ – 0.5 ℃.

4. Be patient and prepare for pregnancy

On the way to get pregnant, many young couples are getting more and more anxious. Miss Chen used to be one of them. She couldn’t get pregnant because of her poor follicle shape. At the same time, she and her husband were very desperate. But doctors and family members often comforted and said, “we should pay attention to a little bit of predestination between the baby and parents. Maybe it’s predestination has not yet arrived.”

Ms. Chen, who had renewed her courage, continued to prepare for pregnancy, but she had a deep talk with her husband. She agreed that even if the baby didn’t come for such a long time, we should enjoy life. So Miss Chen and her husband decided to go out for a trip. There was no pressure on them to have sex several times during the trip. When they came back, Miss Chen found that her period had been postponed.

When they came out of the hospital and confirmed that they were pregnant, Miss Chen and her husband couldn’t help crying. In almost a year, from pregnancy preparation to examination to pregnancy, they ran more than 30 times before and after the hospital, queuing, waiting, fretting, anxious All tastes. But as long as there is patience and love, the baby finally came.

We all know that preparing for pregnancy is a matter of urgency. The sisters of preparing for pregnancy should straighten their mind, strengthen exercise, and both husband and wife should make full preparations. I believe that fate, the baby will naturally be obedient to the stomach!


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