The romantic world of two is beginning to feel like something is missing. It’s a happy thing to have a lovely baby around you. But having a baby is not an easy thing to answer. At least, when you’re getting pregnant, there’s a whole bunch of things you need to re-plan, like diet.

So, what does the expectant parent need to do to prepare her diet during pregnancy? What are the best pregnant ingredients? How to eat the most effective? Come on, start your pregnant food preparation program, so that pregnant couples improve sperm and egg vitality, pregnancy.

1 grains and cereals

[recommended reasons]

Cereals, soybeans, corn, wheat and potatoes are common in grains. They are necessary for daily diet and nutritious at the bottom of Pyramid. Cereals are generally rich in starch, vegetable protein, sugar, vitamins and other nutrients. They can prevent diseases, enhance physical fitness, and eliminate toxins in the body. They are holy products during pregnancy.

[recommended recipes] millet paste, whole wheat bread, five grain health keeping powder, corn flour porridge.

2 nuts

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Nuts are not only delicious but also nutritious, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc, calcium and other minerals. Peanuts, walnuts, sesame and so on are common. These nuts can strengthen the brain, help improve the sperm motility of pregnant couples and increase the probability of conception.

[recommended recipes]

Honey, wax apple, shrimp almond, walnut milk, coconut and white sesame paste.

3 vegetables

One of the indispensable ingredients on the table is vegetables. Broccoli, rape, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, spinach, hollow cabbage, carrots, purple cabbage, pumpkin, yellow pepper and so on, these vegetables are low in calories, high in nutrition, rich in vitamin K, carotene, vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, iron, dietary fiber and so on, if you want to keep the perfect figure of the expectant mother can eat more.

[recommended recipes]

Asparagus egg salad, garlic, baby cabbage, shrimp, cabbage, letinous edodes, tomato and scrambled eggs.

4 egg milk

Dairy products are rich in nutrients and can improve sperm vitality. The common milk products are the milk we are familiar with. Fermented dairy products also contain more B vitamins and probiotics that promote intestinal health. Eggs are also rich in nutrients, boiled eggs are the most complete way to preserve the nutrition of eggs, pregnant couples can eat more during the period.

[recommended recipes]

Golden boiled egg, egg pizza, egg cake, double skin milk, egg milk soup.

5 meat

Meat is a good source of protein and energy. During pregnancy can eat meat: pork, beef, mutton, chicken, etc., in addition, animal viscera is also a source of high-quality protein, including vitamin A, vitamin D and other nutrients. But the liver has the highest nutritional density and should be eaten in moderation.

[recommended recipes]

Salted chicken, spicy stewed pork leg, bitter melon stuffed meat, eggplant with minced meat

6 seafood category

Seafood suitable for pregnancy is made from shellfish, algae, fish glue and so on. Algae, such as kelp, seaweed and other seaweed, contain alginate, iodine, calcium, zinc and other minerals. Fish glue is also very nourishing dried seafood, this kind of food not only tastes good, but also can bring good pregnancy.

[recommended recipes]

Fish gelatin spareribs soup, mushrooms fried leek, seaweed egg soup, chive sea melon seeds meat


Pregnancy diet for a healthy baby plays a very important role, not only the mother-to-be nutrition, but also the father-to-be Oh, only the husband and wife both eat nutrition, healthy body, to produce high-quality germ cells, a healthy baby.


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