Nowadays, the number of infertile people is growing. Some young couples have failed to prepare for pregnancy for a period of time, so they may worry that they are also a member of the infertile army. Or optimistic point, infertility may not find you, you prepare for pregnancy failure, may be because did not grasp the following three points Oh! Let’s have a look!

1. Eliminate the pressure of pregnancy preparation

A lot of pregnant women, because they are anxious to have a child or fail to get pregnant for a long time, lead to great pressure. But the greater the pressure, the less conducive to pregnancy, because too much pressure will affect the hormone levels in women’s body, thus affecting ovulation. Relax, keep a good attitude, it’s easier to get pregnant! So, how to get rid of the pressure?

· eliminate life concerns: one more child will lead to a lot of pressure in life. Before you decide to have a child, you should make a plan to avoid too much pressure due to work, life and other reasons, which is not conducive to pregnancy preparation.

· adjust the relationship between husband and wife: if you two decide to have children, work hard together. Both husband and wife should understand, support and encourage each other, create a good and comfortable environment and maintain a good relationship.

· keep an optimistic attitude: during pregnancy preparation, both husband and wife should try their best to relax and find more entertainment items, such as traveling and watching movies, so that they can keep an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

2. Find the right time

In order to increase the probability of pregnancy, love time as close as possible to your ovulation time. Generally speaking, the sperm can survive for 2-3 days in the body, but the egg can only survive for 12-24 hours. The vitality time of the egg is very short. During the period when the egg still has enough vitality, the sperm must swim to the egg to make it possible for the sperm and the egg to combine and conceive.

It can be seen that only when the sperm is prepared in advance in the body and waiting for the arrival of the egg, can there be a greater chance of pregnancy, that is to say, love before ovulation. In this way, when the egg is discharged, the sperm waiting in your body can be seen more quickly, and the chance of pregnancy will also increase.

If the menstrual cycle is regular, women’s ovulation day is generally about 14 days before the next menstruation, and ovulation day before 5 days and after 4 days, together with ovulation day, a total of 10 days is called ovulation period. In addition, find ovulation day can also be through the basic body temperature method and cervical mucus observation method. If you can’t accurately calculate the ovulation day, having sex every other day or two during the ovulation period can also increase the probability of pregnancy.

If the menstrual cycle is irregular, ovulation time is more difficult to determine. Even so, if ovulation is normal, as long as two or three times a week to maintain sexual intercourse, there is also a chance of pregnancy.

Third, the use of easy to conceive love posture

After finding the right time, the next step is to sow. If you want to improve the chance of pregnancy, loving posture is also very important. Here are three easy to conceive love postures.

· missionary posture: the man is up and the woman is down. This kind of loving posture can make the sperm closer to the cervix. When you love, you can also use the pillow to pad up the buttocks of the woman, so as to make the cervix contact the sperm to the greatest extent and increase the probability of pregnancy.

Kneeling on the back of the bed, the woman kneeling on the back of the pillow. This position can make the sperm stay in the cervix better and make the sperm pass through the cervical canal easily.

· lateral position: the woman and the man lie side by side for love. This kind of love position is also conducive to improving the pregnancy rate.

After love, in order to prevent semen outflow, the woman should raise her hips and stay in bed for 20-30 minutes to increase the chance of sperm entering the uterus. If the woman has the habit of cleaning her privacy or urinating after love, she will have to bear it temporarily when having sex during ovulation.

In a word, preparing for pregnancy is a matter of no urgency and no compulsion. What the couple can do is to make preparations as far as possible, grasp the opportunity and believe that a good pregnancy will come.


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