There is a certain kind of people who can never understand the sadness of pregnant women. When sisters around them are unable to get pregnant, they begin to preach that their comfort is good for each other, but in fact, mothers who are not expecting mothers during pregnancy hate to hear these words __.


Don’t ask her if she has one.

Don’t ask her if she is pregnant every time she chatted. This is a kind of pressure for her. Can not be pregnant with already very tired heart, do not want too many people to know this bad news, as her friend, please give her time, if she is pregnant, will certainly be the first time to share this joyful information with you.


Don’t always give yourself some advice.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a baby without doing anything, so you’re confident that your approach is the right one, and you’re always trying to impose these so-called secrets on her. In fact, your suggestions may be good for you, but you and his situation is different, give her advice, listen to her situation, objective analysis, together to find measures, which is useful for her advice.


Do not ask her why she is so depressed.

Who can not conceive of not depressed, think of the grade there, the family is urging, every month counts ovulation period to measure the body temperature to do homework, but has been unable to conceive, who can not accept this, can not be depressed, still pretend what optimism?! So all you can do is to accompany her, say something happy, do something meaningful, and let her not be so depressed.


Don’t always talk about other people’s pregnancy.

Hey, I’ll tell you, who, who, just got married a month ago, pregnant, how terrible, and who, more absurd, are more than 40 years old and have children… Perhaps your words are not malicious, just to make him feel that there is hope for a child, but it is really difficult for her, blue thin mushroom mood only one person to bear silently.


Don’t compare her to others.

Another thing is to say that other people’s unbelief experiences are trying to ease her inner sadness. This is wrong! When you say “who’s worse,” she doesn’t feel lucky about it. She has the compassion to feel sorry for these people’s situation, which aggravates her grief and is not conducive to her psychological development. Therefore, this comparison is also unscientific.

[warm tips]

Caring for pregnant women has the right way to open up.

Every new mother-to-be wants to have a baby successfully, which is more important than anything for them. If for some reason it can not be successfully conceived, as her relatives and friends, do not hold the heart of blame, to care for her, understand her, give her confidence.

Mother-to-be herself should relax and not give herself too big a pear. After all, the most important thing about getting pregnant is that both husband and wife should have a good attitude. This is the basic principle of getting pregnant. If they haven’t been pregnant, they should go to the hospital and seek professional help from doctors.


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