Children are the lifeblood of parents. Every parent expects their children to grow up healthily, so more and more young men and women begin to pay attention to eugenics. So how can we have good births and good births? What disadvantages should eugenics and eugenics avoid? Let’s take a look at it.

There is a folk saying that pregnancy during marriage is called “sitting in bed” and that it is a happy event. On the contrary, many children with deformities and dementia were born during their newlyweds.

Before and after the wedding, both men and women are tired of running for marriage and etiquette. Painting and cleaning the new house is generally fatigued. Physical overload consumption reduces the quality of sperm and eggs. From the eugenic point of view, pregnancy under extreme fatigue is also harmful to the healthy development of the fetus. Some obstetrics and Gynecology experts believe that women who are pregnant at marriage are more likely to suffer from “pregnancy poisoning” than those who rest for a period of time after marriage, which may be related to excessive fatigue of newly married couples.

Others are pregnant when they are overtired, such as during the honeymoon, because people live irregularly during the journey, the cerebral cortex is often in an exciting state, coupled with the frequent sexual life of newly married honeymoon couples, the quality of sperm and eggs can not be guaranteed, the uterine environment will also be affected, and the impact will be greater.

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Page 1: Not conceiving when overtired

Page 2: Not conceiving during illness

Page 3: Don’t conceive at an advanced age

Page 4: Do not conceive immediately after preterm birth or abortion


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