Pregnant women are always very sensitive and hope to have a baby as soon as possible. However, because of this excessive anxiety and attention, it will cause some changes in physiological hormone levels and affect normal pregnancy. Let’s see how these four wrong psychology affect pregnancy. Women in pregnancy should quickly avoid them.

Anxious for children

Many people are eager for children. They are afraid that they will not be able to conceive normally in the preparation stage before pregnancy, resulting in excessive pressure, tension and anxiety. However, this is often counterproductive. The more you want children, the more you will affect your chances of pregnancy.

Because anxious psychology will affect the secretion of hormone levels in the body, resulting in abnormal changes in physical function, which is not conducive to normal pregnancy.

The doctor said that if you are in a situation of anxiety and depression, it is not only difficult to conceive, but also better to use temporary contraception. Because such emotion will not only affect the quality of sperm or eggs, but also affect the secretion of pregnant mother’s hormone due to emotional stimulation after pregnancy, make the fetus restless and restless, and affect his growth and development.

Therefore, we must keep relaxed before pregnancy. Because the mother’s mood and the state of every minute will be directly transmitted to the future baby, affecting the normal pregnancy and baby’s health.

You can take more soothing yoga courses, adjust your mood through exercise, and let yourself face this problem calmly. At the same time, you can also learn more about the physiology of pregnancy. Don’t let yourself worry because you don’t understand it.

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