Pregnancy is a special natural thing, but due to the influence of various environmental factors in modern society, it is very difficult for some couples to want a baby. Now, let me introduce for you, want to baby, which four kinds of wrong psychology is not to be!

The anxious psychology of seeking son

To breed a healthy and intelligent child, women have to make a lot of efforts, from pregnant, pregnant, childbirth to nurturing, in this series of processes, can not be separated from good mood. Many people are eager for their children and afraid of not being able to conceive normally, so they are under too much pressure and anxious. This is often the more you want a child, the more difficult it will be to conceive. Because anxious psychology will affect the secretion of hormones in the body, leading to abnormal changes in body function, but not conducive to normal pregnancy.

When couples decide to have children, as wives, they should try to adjust their emotions and face life with a positive and optimistic attitude. Don’t worry. And in the case of anxiety and depression, not only is it difficult to conceive, it is best to use temporary contraception. Because such emotions will affect the quality of sperm or eggs, after conception will also affect the secretion of progesterone due to emotional stimulation, so that the fetus is restless, restless, affecting his growth and development.

Therefore, the preparation time before pregnancy must maintain a relaxed mood, to calm the natural mentality to meet the arrival of the baby. Because the mother’s mood, every minute and second state will be transmitted directly to the future baby, affecting the normal pregnancy and baby health.

It is suggested that pregnant women can take more soothing yoga courses, adjust their mood through exercise, and conceive calmly. At the same time, you can learn more about the physiology of pregnancy, don’t let yourself because you don’t understand and worry about it.

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