Men need to pay attention to no less than women during pregnancy preparation. If you want to have good birth and childbirth or get pregnant faster, you’d better know the following things about men’s privacy.

1、 Tintin – male health warning device

  1. Tintin is a perfect health warning device for men

Heart, body weight, stress and testosterone levels all affect Tintin and its function. It is the yardstick of health. When you feel that Tintin is untimely, you should see a doctor in time to confirm whether it is a precursor of other diseases. In addition, if you can’t take good care of your body, your Tintin can’t work normally.

  2. Everyone’s Tintin length varies greatly, but it has nothing to do with sexual ability

Tintin’s length and diameter can only be regarded as an aesthetic problem, which has nothing to do with your “majestic style”. Different from many love action films, according to a recent article published in the British International Journal of Urology, the length of the penis is generally 10 cm and 13 cm when erecting.

You can’t change Tintin’s size, so don’t care too much. Apart from those who are particularly obsessed with size, for most people, Dingding of any size can have a perfect sexual experience.

  3. Remember to wash Tintin after sex

Cleaning after sexual intercourse can avoid bacterial infection, because bacteria are most active when there is body fluid on the skin surface.

  5. Don’t let go of any abnormalities in your little brother.

The most concerned about you is not a doctor, not a partner, but yourself. You need to check your penis, testicles and groin regularly. Once there are spots, scars, hyperplasia, discoloration and other abnormalities, consult a doctor immediately. These may indicate disease.

Remember, this is your own Dingding, the organ that breeds the next generation. Don’t miss the opportunity of treatment because of shyness.


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