After pregnancy, the mother to be can’t hide the smile and pregnant smell on her face. Especially for Guo Jingjing, who is about to enter the old age, it is also a big responsibility to inherit the family. In fact, if you look closely at Jinggang’s recent activities, you will find that it seems that Jinggang’s success in creating human beings is a bit of a spectrum.

I. five clues to the success of “gangjing”

1. Dress: Super loose.

On the other hand, Mrs. Huo’s previous activities also included high-heeled shoes and fashionable skirts. However, in the recent “meeting of sports exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and Nanjing”, Guo Jingjing chose a suit of elegant suit and ordinary flat shoes, and the shirt inside the suit is also particularly loose. This suit is not the best match, but shows her slightly fat figure. Do you really eat too much for Chinese new year? Not likely.

2. Action: subconsciously cover your stomach with your hands.

Human beings have a kind of action called subconscious. For example, when they fall down, they will hold their hands on the ground. When they burn their hands, they will recycle them. After pregnancy, pregnant mothers often subconsciously protect their stomachs with their hands, because they know that there is a fragile little life growing there. Guo Jingjing’s recent activities, from time to time appear to cover his stomach with his hands, which is a maternal instinct.

3. Beloved wife: brother Qigang’s personal protection.

It is said that a serious man is the most beautiful, while a woman’s most beautiful moment is the kind of brilliance that breeds life. At the scene of the event, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang watched from time to time. Because there were too many fans at the scene, during Guo Jingjing’s group photo and signature, Huo Qigang specially sent his staff to protect him. When he left, his father to be turned into a bodyguard to take good care of his wife.

4. Mother in law: Zhu Lingling hospital.

Zhu Lingling was picked up by the driver and went to a hospital in happy valley. She didn’t know if she was ill due to the recent warm and cold weather. After she got off the bus, she hurried in to see a doctor and stayed for about an hour to leave. At that time, the driver stopped her car at the door. Only after looking for a moment, Zhu Lingling found that the car was parked in front of her and then got on the bus to go home.

5. Feng Shui: baozi Shouxing enters the Huo family mansion.

Fengshui is something that most people think is dispensable. But for the people of Hong Kong, especially the upper class of Hong Kong, they attach great importance to it. Huo’s mansion is located in the north and south, and there are mountains in the northeast. At present, there are many people in the mountains. It is more advantageous for the young men and the scattered leaves. It is advantageous for Guo Jingjing who lives in Huo’s mansion after marriage to increase the chance of having a male. Today, the birthday father of baozi is also very eye-catching. It is reported that Guo Jingjing will sincerely visit the birthday father of baozi whenever she passes by. Does this mean that baozi Shouxing has brought good luck to Huo’s mansion?

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Page 1: four clues to the success of “gangjing”

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Page 1: four clues to the success of “gangjing”

Page 2: details of diamond’s plan for “snake baby”


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