I’m going to have a baby, but why can’t I conceive it for months? Pre-pregnancy check-ups have also been done. At this time, pregnant mothers-to-be should pay attention to check their physical condition, because sometimes, gynecological diseases will affect your good pregnancy gas oh! For example, vaginal inflammation, cervical erosion and other four gynecological diseases, may be the cause of sperm Mr. and Miss Oocyte can not smoothly combine the “culprit”.

1. Vaginal Inflammation-Acidic Death of Sperm

Don’t underestimate vaginal inflammation, believe that women who have experienced sexual life have occasional inflammation. Not paying attention to private cleaning, underwear drying when foreign body stained, and even some people say that eating too much stimulating food, will cause certain vaginal inflammation, that is, vulva has a hidden itching feeling, and leucorrhea increased, color even changed a little.

In this case, the inflammation of the vagina is mild or severe, which can be recovered by self-cleaning with slight attention; in severe inflammation, the help of a doctor is needed.

Some people can’t help asking: Can vaginal inflammation affect pregnancy? The answer is yes.

This is because inflammation-causing Trichomonas or fungi consume glycogen in vaginal cells, altering the acidity and alkalinity of the vagina and making the vagina more acidic. When Mr. Sperm swims here, his vitality is “depleted” by this abnormal acid, and he is dead before he enters. Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to vaginal cleanliness.

Protect vaginal health by:

1. Exercise hard to improve disease resistance. Especially if the menstrual cycle is abnormal, active treatment should be taken to avoid vaginal flora imbalance caused by endocrine imbalance.

2. Never abuse drugs. To buy a prescription, you must go to the doctor first and buy the medicine recommended and approved by the doctor. Antibiotics, hormones, cytotoxic drugs, immunosuppressants or isotopes, etc., can destroy the acid-base balance of the vagina. If you don’t know the specific ingredients, you will accidentally buy the wrong drugs, which will make it worse.

3. Keep the vagina clean. Wash it with warm water at ordinary times. If there is slight inflammation, wash it with professional lotion. Never use alkaline solution such as soap, otherwise it will destroy the acidic environment of the vagina.

4. Every time you love, tell your husband, don’t rush, wash and wash again! Dirty sex can also cause unexpected pathogenic infections.

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