As parents, they care about their baby’s height.

We all know that Wang Zulan and his wife are typical of “the most cute height difference”.

This is not, a few days ago, Wang Zulan just announced on microblog: Wang family is happy, announce the news that the wife is pregnant.

Netizens have a message to guess the height of the baby in the future.

Wang Zulan did not forget to be funny even when he was excited. He simply asked the netizens to guess who the baby’s height would be inherited: “I suggest to open a dish. In the future, will the baby’s height be like me or my mother (Li Yanan)? I believe it’s quite suitable for you to guess. “

▍ interesting calculation formula of baby’s height

As for how to predict the height of a baby scientifically, there is no accurate statement so far.

Children’s height is not only affected by congenital factors, but also a large part of it is related to acquired factors. There are too many uncontrollable factors, so it is really difficult to accurately budget.

However, some calculation formulas are used by many parents for reference. Interested parents can also calculate them, but the result can’t be taken seriously. It’s just a fun reference. (it’s time to test your math level ~)

Formula 1:

Boy’s height (CM) = (father’s height + mother’s height) ÷ 2 + 6.5

Girl’s height (CM) = (father’s height + mother’s height) ÷ 2 – 6.5

Formula 2:

Height of a boy as an adult (CM) = (father’s height + mother’s height) ÷ 2 × 1.08

Girl’s height in adulthood (CM) = (father’s height × 0.923 + mother’s height) ÷ 2

Formula 3:

Boy’s height (CM) = (father’s height + mother’s height + 13) ÷ 2 ± 7.5

Girl’s height (CM) = (father’s height + mother’s height – 13) ÷ 2 ± 6.0

Father is short, mother is short?

We see that many netizens in the comments are saying that they hope that the baby’s height will follow his mother’s and IQ will follow his father’s. more netizens say that there is a saying that “the father is short and the mother is short and the nest is short”. Therefore, Wang Zulan’s height will certainly not be too low.

Although we hope so, it really hurts the mothers who are not tall.

This invisible to the short mother crown a charge: children if not tall, it must be your fault!

But for baby’s height, mother’s genetic factors really so big?

For the height of the baby, the heritability of the parents accounted for 50% respectively.

Children’s height does come from their mothers and fathers, according to a study published in the Chinese Journal of preventive medicine in 2005

The heritability of height was 0.89 and 0.87 for men and women, respectively. There was no significant difference in heritability of height, sitting height and body mass index between men and women.

Research shows that the influence of parents on baby’s height is all the same, so please put it away later, and don’t exaggerate the influence of mother’s height on baby’s height.

▍ people’s height depends on heredity at 7 points and postnatal at 3 points

It’s better to assist the baby God so that these acquired factors can play a full role in helping the baby grow higher than to worry about whether his height has set limits for the baby.

1. Tube mouth: protein and calcium are indispensable

In the growth and development period, the demand for protein is much higher than that of adults. If the supply is insufficient, the growth of height will be affected. Moreover, collagen and mucin are also organic components of bone.

Recommended food: chicken, beef, fish and shrimp, egg, milk, tofu, etc

Calcium is the basis of bone growth. If the physiological calcium can not be taken frequently in the diet, the calcium in blood and soft tissue is insufficient, and the bone can not get enough nutrition, of course, it can not grow normally, let alone grow tall.

Recommended food: dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, tofu and beans, sesame paste, pumpkin seeds, etc.

2. Open your legs: if you want to grow tall, you need to exercise

In infant period, you can let your baby do the main or passive gymnastics, for example, with the help of two parents, one holds the baby’s hands, the other holds his feet, and gently pulls his body in the opposite direction for 20 seconds at a time.

In school age, you can let your child do some upward jumping sports, such as rubber band, shuttlecock and all kinds of ball games.

In adolescence, children can try high jump and systemic sports, such as basketball and volleyball.

3. Sleep well: try to let the baby sleep before 10 o’clock

Auxin is usually secreted to the peak during deep sleep at night. If parents want their children to have a tall head, they should keep 10-11 hours of sleep every night before the baby is 1 year old.

So if you want your baby to go to deep sleep as soon as possible, it is better to let Ta fall asleep before 10 p.m.

4. The heart is not tired: create a harmonious growth environment for the baby

Happy spirit is good for children’s growth. Depression can inhibit the secretion of growth hormone and affect the height development of baby.

Therefore, parents should strive to create a peaceful environment for their children, so that the baby can grow up happily.

Although there are many uncontrollable factors in the baby’s height, as long as they provide adequate and reasonable nutrition, improve sleep quality, strengthen sports, etc. during the growth and development period, I believe that under such favorable conditions, the baby can grow to the ideal height, and will not leave any regrets.


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