It’s not something we can’t control about having boys and girls. Many factors in life will affect the sex of the baby, and boys and girls are related to the temperature and sexual desire of pregnancy. Parents-to-be who already have plans to create human beings, have you noticed the following nine aspects?

Nine Kinds of Preparedness to Help Born Boys

1. Correct measurement of basic body temperature.

If you want to get pregnant, you should first measure the basal body temperature correctly and keep a good record. By using the body temperature curve table, you can judge whether the mother-to-be is ovulating, guide contraception, and quickly diagnose early pregnancy, suggesting other pathological changes.

2. Take 4 natural calcium tablets every day.

In addition to the usual need to eat more calcium containing foods, such as milk, eggs, soy products and so on, the pregnant mother should insist on taking calcium tablets to supplement calcium, so as to ensure that the baby is successfully conceived.

3. Condom.

Within 2 months from the date of conception, condom should be used during intercourse and contraception should be practised. Contraceptive pills or rings should not be used in order to avoid damaging the vaginal environment of women who are not allowed to conceive.

4. Continuous measurement of basal body temperature.

Through continuous daily basal body temperature measurements, unacceptable mothers can determine the day when the body temperature suddenly drops. At the same time, pay attention to the increase of cervical mucus, and fill in the basic thermometer.

5. Confirmation of ovulation day.

Some mothers are not allowed to take the basal body temperature correctly even if they insist on it every day, but some people still don’t know the day when the body temperature drops, so they can choose to go to the obstetrician’s office to check the cervical mucus before the possible ovulation date to confirm whether the day is ovulation day.

6. Ultrasound diagnosis and crystallization examination of cervical mucus.

Take natural calcium for 2 months and then go to the obstetrician’s office on the ovulation day of the third month for ultrasound diagnosis and neck mucus crystallization examination to determine whether to continue taking natural calcium.

7. Best sexual position for boys.

Take sexual positions that are conducive to the birth of boys, try to insert the penis deep into the vagina, and ejaculate after the female reaches orgasm. After sexual intercourse, women should not move their bodies. They can clamp their legs, raise their hips and lie down for 20 minutes.

8. Guarantee the quality of male semen.

Unexpected parents want to have boys, and the more semen they have in their sexual life, the better, so they have sex the next day after menstruation and every other two days, and then abstinence from having sex the second time until the date of conception, so that they can ejaculate a lot of vigorous Y sperm on the day of ovulation.

9. Continuous use of natural calcium.

Even if the mother is not expecting to conceive on the scheduled day, she should continue to take natural calcium, change the acidity and alkalinity of her body, and increase the probability of having a boy before she is diagnosed by a doctor.

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