Many female friends are eager to see a cute angel coming after their friends have lovely cute babies. After pregnancy, the little seed in the body, breathing and listening with her mother, grew up quietly day by day, and then came into being.

To give birth to a life, the physical, psychological, life and work of both husband and wife will face unprecedented challenges. In order to meet the new members of the family, there is really a lot of homework to do before pregnancy! My mother breathes with this new family member all the time, so my mother needs to do enough homework to conceive a new life more naturally and easily.

1) Cultivate both inside and outside to be a healthy expectant mother

During the pregnancy preparation stage, the husband and wife need to consult the gynecologist for a comprehensive physical examination to ensure that the biochemical indicators of the body are stable and the hormones are in the best balance before pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, women generally need to have a general examination: blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function, gynecological endocrine and oral examination, genetic disease examination, etc., to fully understand their physical condition, and doctors will also make scientific recommendations for pregnancy preparation based on the examination results.

After ensuring that they have good conditions for pregnancy, both husband and wife need to reserve nutrition for the body and eat more natural and healthy food. From the perspective of nutrition, if you can ensure that you can eat three kinds of fruits, three kinds of vegetables, at least one kind of meat, a cup of soybean milk or milk every day, you can ensure a balanced intake of nutrients.

In order to conceive a healthy and lovely baby, we need to re-plan our work and rest time, minimize the use of cosmetics, and let the baby have a natural and safe growth environment; We also need to maintain a relaxed and happy mood. It is a happy thing to conceive. Let nature take its course and let the seeds of life blossom quietly at the most pleasant moment.

2) Adjust the environment to help nurture

Home is a warm harbor. There is much more to do to meet the baby! Put warm wallpaper on the walls of the house, change a bunch of flowers for the room every day, and plant lovely plants on the balcony Prepare some lovely dolls, and the comfortable and warm atmosphere will make the body and mind relaxed and happy, and the preparation for pregnancy will also be easier.

3) Relax and prepare for pregnancy naturally

During pregnancy preparation, we must maintain a relaxed and natural attitude, let the body feel happy and pure happiness, and the seeds of love will also be buried deeper.

Once pregnancy begins, both body and mind will face greater challenges, and the level of body hormone will fluctuate accordingly. Pregnancy is not only the two red bars of the pregnancy test stick, but also means that you will lose some sleep and freedom, accept physical changes, and take the responsibility of breeding a child, but you will also feel more about every close contact between the baby and you.

4) Respect life and be an intellectual mother

Before pregnancy, you can read pregnancy related books or share information with other mothers, participate in pregnancy preparation courses, and learn relevant knowledge in advance. During pregnancy and after birth, the problems to be paid attention to at each stage and the nutrition to be supplemented.

Even if you are still in the preparation stage, you might as well study ahead of time to be prepared. Be an intelligent and calm mother, carefully experience the process of each day’s pregnancy, and feel the happiness of being close to the baby.

It takes 280 days to conceive a new life, which is a happy and long journey. In the process of pregnancy, it is inevitable that pregnancy reactions will occur, which are normal physiological phenomena. As long as you do enough homework, don’t worry too much.


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