Thirty one flowers for men, thirty tofu dregs for women? As is well known, women have a strict reproductive clock, and it is best not to exceed the age of 35; As another type of “scenic spot” for men, their fertility is relatively limited by age, and it is not uncommon for an 80 year old man to have children. So if you want your baby to be smart, you need to pay special attention to the mother’s age, NO. It is best for parents to be at the golden age for the birth of smart babies.

1、 Is it true or false that the older the father, the lower the child’s IQ?

[Discussion topic]: Research has shown that there is a relationship between father’s age and children’s intelligence, and children born to older fathers have relatively lower IQ scores.

@Lollipop: Nani, isn’t it related to Mommy’s age? Is swelling related to Daddy’s age again?

@Tigger: As a man preparing for pregnancy, I suddenly feel the pressure doubled!

@The male god is me: at the age of a flower, do you want to enter the tomb of marriage for the sake of a smart baby? I haven’t had enough fun yet.

@Eternal Love: It’s related to age. Is it because of age that the quality of sperm babies is not good?

I say to you:

A domestic study on 461 children with mental retardation of unknown causes found that their fathers were older at birth, and the incidence rate of mental retardation increased with the father’s age. There is also research proving that men aged 30-35 have the smartest offspring.


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