Summer, the most unbearable is the hot weather, and this “heat” also affects pregnant couples. Hot weather, unavoidably bad mood, loss of appetite, sleep is not good, and preparation of pregnancy needs to be in the mood, work and rest, diet and other aspects of good state. If you want to prepare for pregnancy this summer, you should actively deal with summer heat, improve the habits of irregular sleep and improper diet. Of course, the husband and wife need to work together to do a good job!

1、 Summer heat

In midsummer, the weather is hot, and people’s mood is also easy to be affected, which is not conducive to eugenics. For men, hot weather is also easy to affect sperm quality and reduce the success rate of pregnancy preparation. Therefore, relieving summer heat and cooling is the key to prepare for pregnancy in summer.

1. Don’t let bad emotions affect pregnancy preparation

It’s easy to get upset when it’s hot. Couples who are preparing for pregnancy should learn to control this kind of long-term boredom and depression. Only when they have a good mood can they give birth to a cheerful baby, and they will be more likely to succeed in pregnancy. To this end, you can ease your mood through appropriate sports, such as swimming, which can relieve the heat and exercise, kill two birds with one stone.

2. Men should pay more attention to cooling down

Especially for their own “eggs” to cool down, private parts are prone to high temperature, especially in summer, so we need to pay more attention. Usually should wear loose underwear and clothes, do not nest in the sofa for a long time, when using a laptop computer, do not put it directly on the thigh.

2、 Irregular sleep

It is hot in summer and people are used to staying up late. Couples preparing for pregnancy are prone to lack of sleep, thus reducing the vitality of sperm and eggs. Therefore, we should pay attention to reasonable work and rest to ensure sleep during pregnancy preparation.

1. Go to bed early, get up early, and sleep well

The law of human life is closely related to hormone secretion in the body. For people with regular life and rest, the levels of many hormones secreted by hypothalamus and pituitary gland are relatively high from morning to evening, and relatively low from night to dawn. If sleep is not regular, it will affect the balance of hormone secretion in the body.

During pregnancy preparation, we must pay attention to the regular daily life, go to bed early and get up early. Only by sleeping well can we make all the organs of the body full of energy, and can we cooperate with the body to absorb nutrition and lay a solid foundation for pregnancy.

Couples preparing for pregnancy should keep 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If the sleeping time is too short or too long, it is not conducive to the secretion of stress hormones in the body, which is not conducive to pregnancy.

2. Don’t stay up late to watch the world cup

This summer coincides with the World Cup season, many football loving men will stay up late to watch the ball. But if you want to have a healthy baby, it is not advisable to stay up late. After all, the world cup doesn’t end in a day or two. Often stay up late will affect the quality of pregnancy preparation, world cup and baby, which do you want more?

3、 Improper diet

It’s hot in summer. On the one hand, we like to drink cold drinks; on the other hand, we also like to diet in summer. Improper diet, but will affect the preparation of pregnancy yo!

1. Control the consumption of cold drinks and raw food

In summer, cold drinks are hard to refuse. However, we should not eat too much. The stimulation of cold drinks is not conducive to pregnancy preparation, especially for women. In addition, we should eat less raw aquatic products such as sashimi, which are easy to breed bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

2. Do not over diet to lose weight

Summer is a season for women to lose weight, and many of them prefer dieting. But pregnant women need to know that excessive weight loss is likely to damage the body, and being too thin can also reduce the chance of pregnancy. Therefore, as long as it is not overweight, it is best to follow the normal three meals a day, and the nutrition during pregnancy preparation is also very important.

Of course, if you are overweight, or even have reached the level of pregnancy, it is recommended to reduce weight in a moderate and scientific way, and do not over diet to lose weight.

Pregnant couples, come on! In this summer pregnancy success, next year can have a lovely baby pig! Imagine the picture of a happy family, is not more pregnant motivation?


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