Planning pregnancy is not only responsible for women themselves, but also for babies. Raising healthy eggs during pregnancy means that you need strong ovaries and uterus. Pregnant women can take care of themselves according to the following suggestions, and strive for a healthy baby.

1. Exercise properly to produce high-quality eggs

The meaning of life lies in sports. Appropriate physical exercise can help women improve their physical fitness and ensure the quality of their eggs. Therefore, from the beginning of planning to have children, women should exercise regularly for a period of time. According to their hobbies, they can do physical exercises suitable for their physical condition, such as jogging, soft gymnastics, swimming, taijiquan, etc. in order to improve the ability of various parts of the body organs and lay a solid foundation for pregnancy.

2. Iron supplementation in time to provide nutrients for eggs

Blood often contains a lot of iron. For women, a lot of iron is lost in the blood discharged from menstruation. Iron, on the other hand, can provide enough nutrients for eggs. Therefore, in order to make eggs healthier, we need to eat spinach, animal viscera and other high-iron foods during menstruation to supplement the nutrients of eggs.

3. Eat less painkillers and keep the egg alive

Menstrual women are inherently less immune. Studies have shown that among people aged 25 to 35, the egg activity of people who regularly take painkillers is 7% lower than that of people who don’t use them. This is because analgesics can inhibit the brain nerve, long-term use will “confuse” the nerve center, the speed of instructions issued to the ovary is reduced, resulting in decreased egg activity.

4. Keep away from computer radiation to ensure the quality of eggs

As we all know, computer radiation has a great impact on sperm, as well as on the quality of eggs. Most people mistakenly think that the LCD screen on the computer can be far away from the radiation of the computer, but in fact the radiation comes from the power source on its own side. To avoid computer radiation to the greatest extent, the best way is to choose notebooks to reduce the use of desktop computers, using notebooks to use batteries rather than power.

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Page 1: Nurturing healthy eggs

Page 2: Four Notes on Nurturing Healthy Eggs


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