There are a lot of sisters around with her mother, Tucao, who said she was coming home for the Spring Festival, and was also given birth to a child. One of the two secrets is to let her get pregnant.

In fact, pregnancy is not a mysterious thing, sisters do a good job of pre-pregnancy examination, relaxed mood pregnant can be, if really anxious, then you might as well look at the following points, pregnancy this matter to know a little more, easily waiting for good pregnancy to come ~

1. During ovulation, sexual intercourse is easier.

As we all know, pregnancy requires the egg and sperm to meet and form a fertilized egg, which is our first seed.

Best time to have sex: Sperm can survive for three days when it enters a woman’s body, and egg can survive for 12 to 24 hours after it is ovulated. Therefore, if you have sexual intercourse 3 days before ovulation to 1 days after ovulation, the chances of pregnancy will be much greater.

So, do you know when the ovulation period is?

If menstruation is regular, ovulation usually occurs on the 14 day before the next menstrual period.

If the menstruation is irregular, it can also be judged by other methods, such as ovulation test paper, B ultrasound, basal body temperature.

In addition, you can also observe the situation of leucorrhea drawing. When a woman is about to ovulate, due to the exuberant secretion of cervical glands, leucorrhea increased, transparent, slightly sticky, wipe with toilet paper will have egg white-like strip mucus. Generally speaking, leucorrhea wiredrawing ovulates within the longest 24 hours, so if your leucorrhea also has this change, then quickly and husband sexual love bar. However, this method is relatively sketchy, just as a reference signal.

Yue Ma suggested that:

Ovulation test paper is also a relatively simple and accurate method.

Pay proper attention to ovulation, do not be too nervous, prepare for pregnancy, two to three days of sexual intercourse frequency is more appropriate, if the frequency of sexual intercourse is too close, because sperm production will be affected, so the probability of sexual intercourse pregnancy will be reduced.

2, a balanced diet, 3 months before the start of folic acid supplement

Pregnant period, nutrition does not need a big tonic, adjust good habits, eat on time, normal balanced diet can be, you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, folic acid is a vitamin essential to the human body, it is recommended that women from the first three months of pregnancy to three months after pregnancy folic acid supplementation every day 0.4 mg, can reduce the incidence of fetal neural tube malformation.

3, 3-6 months before pregnancy began to quit smoking and drinking.

Tobacco and alcohol are the most harmful. Both smoke and alcohol can reduce and damage the number and vitality of sperm. Long-term smoking and alcohol drinking can increase the rate of fetal malformation and affect the development of embryos.

Pregnancy is not a wife’s business, even if the wife does not say, as a good husband should also pay attention to their own quit smoking and alcohol, and because the sperm production cycle is usually three months, so from the first three to six months of pregnancy to stop.

4, relaxation is the most important thing to ensure rest and sleep.

Although the average normal couple within a year of pregnancy success ratio of 70% – 80%, but pregnancy is not want to do can be done immediately, it needs a chance, the couple needs a variety of conditions just coincide, pregnant, conditions do not make up for one, failure.

Some sisters try pregnancy 2, 3 months did not succeed, it is very nervous, in fact, excessive worry will affect the endocrine and ovulation, so that the body function is adversely affected, so it is not easy to conceive successfully.

In addition, there are some sisters prefer to make a plan, early to tell relatives and friends of the preparatory plan, do not recommend Oh, on the contrary, to add to their own pressure, pregnancy success after the announcement is better!

So, sisters, as long as you have a normal pre-pregnancy check-up, please relax and believe that the baby will come sooner or later, just in a hurry; ensure good rest and sleep, in a relaxed mood, the good news suddenly one day!

5, old age pregnant? Listen to Dr. Fan Jianhui’s professional answers.

With age, both sexes’fertility declines, women’s chances of conception decrease, and spontaneous abortion rate increases. So, what should an elderly woman pay attention to when preparing for pregnancy? Let’s listen to Dr. Fan Jianhui’s professional answers. (source: Pacific parent child network – parent-child classroom “precautions for gestational age”)

“Generally speaking, we are called senior women when they are over 35 years of age. So for older women, if she wants to conceive, we should pay special attention to it.

First of all, the fertility of women over the age of 35 is decreasing.

There are foreign data has been statistics, 35 years of age and above her fertility is 50% lower than before 35 years of age.

If a woman reaches 40, her fertility will drop by 50% compared to 35.

So as her age increases, her fertility decreases. So in the middle of this process, we need to do some corresponding examinations, such as to the hospital to see a doctor, gynecologist and obstetrician check, she has no gynecological and obstetric diseases. Also, you can check her ovarian reserve is normal, her ovulation function is normal, then of course, there is her endometrial receptivity.

Because the older she gets, the blood supply to her uterus, and the changes in her endometrium, will decrease accordingly. If the ovarian reserve capacity drops, her follicular function does not affect her pregnancy. If the receptivity of the endometrium is not good, it will also affect the implantation of her embryo and affect her pregnancy.

This is the first aspect.

Second, women over the age of 35 may be obese with age, including other medical diseases, or gynecological inflammation, ovarian tumors and so on, so we also need to do the corresponding examination before pregnancy.

So, for older women, when we prepare for pregnancy, we hope to be able to go to the hospital for a good communication with the doctor, then before pregnancy to exclude the impact of some diseases on pregnancy, or some of her original diseases, or some of the corresponding treatment to achieve a good one A good state of pregnancy.

In this way, some complications during pregnancy can be reduced and a good outcome can be achieved. If she gets a healthy child, she will be able to pass her pregnancy safely.


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