“Sex during pregnancy preparation is just like reading books for exam preparation, which often makes things that should be enjoyed dull.” In the eyes of many pregnant couples, sex is no longer a pleasure but a heavy task. We all know that eugenics and eugenics pay attention to the emotional input of both husband and wife, and high-quality AA can also improve the success rate of pregnancy preparation. How to make “lust rekindle” in cold winter? Tips for modern couples to prepare for pregnancy can help you solve your doubts.

Secret 1. Don’t let the couple’s life become a “task”

·Discard the monthly routine AA schedule

The purpose of making a schedule is to get pregnant more quickly, but the result is often counterproductive. We all know that in order to have a baby successfully, we must make good use of the precious time during the ovulation period – but this does not mean that we should make the wonderful sex routine! Despite the “business” of “making” babies, we should still know that “cultivating desire” should be the first step of sex. You can text him in the daytime to tell him how much you need him, and so on. Only when both parties have the right emotions can they really enjoy each other.

·Know your body

Ovulation, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and so on, maybe you know all of them. Then, in the whole process of pregnancy preparation, you should be more clear about what they are and how they affect your pregnancy and sex life. For some women, this may be the first time in your life to truly observe your body. You will experience the impact of ovulation on your desire. You must pay attention to your monthly peak and master your rhythm.


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