Preparing for pregnancy is a big thing, and there are many scientific concerns. Of course, you may hear the older generation say that when someone is pregnant, they pay no attention to anything. They are just like normal people. They are not all white, fat and healthy babies.

Yes! It is possible to eat and drink like a normal person, but in life we should follow some scientific exquisite. Here are some questions that you may be confused or overlooked during pregnancy preparation. Let’s take a look at both parents-to-be.

Certain drugs

Q: What drugs must be discontinued?

A: When preparing for pregnancy, stop using all non-essential drugs. Some drugs may damage the fetus, but do not stop using necessary drugs, such as hypertension, epilepsy drugs. When preparing for pregnancy, consult a doctor to make sure that the medication will not affect the fetus.


Q: Does it matter if your lover only smokes outside and doesn’t smoke at home?

A: First of all, smoking reduces sperm count. When men stop smoking, they not only increase their chances of pregnancy, but also protect other family members.

Second-hand smoke can cause serious harm to human health, leading to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. Secondhand smoke may also lead to sudden neonatal death syndrome and low birth weight. Besides secondhand smoke, we should pay attention to three hand smoke. Three hand smoke refers to smoke pollution substances that remain in clothing, walls, carpets, furniture, even hair and skin after smoking. These substances can be re-released into the air, and some of them can react with oxides and other compounds in the environment to produce new pollutants. The trouble is that up to now, there is no way to eliminate the three hand smoke thoroughly. Some commonly used methods, such as ventilation, vacuuming, spraying air fresheners, fumigating vinegar and cleaning ashtray, can not completely eliminate three hand smoke. Therefore, male friends must give up smoking in order to keep themselves and their families healthy.


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