We often say eugenics, three months in advance into the pregnancy stage, six months in advance to improve living conditions, but the macro so, how to do specific? The first child, in the face of all the unknown, expectant parents also need some basic skills blessing.

1. Necessary materials purchased

You need to buy some necessary substances before pregnancy. Such as: basic body temperature tester, ovulation test paper, early pregnancy test paper, folic acid, vitamins, etc. These things can help you get to know yourself at home, seize the latest pregnancy opportunity, and ensure a good nutritional intake. These are essential substances before pregnancy.

2. Start taking vitamin supplements

Although there is no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, taking some vitamin supplements can fully obtain important vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. A number of studies have shown that folic acid can contribute to the development of neural defects in fetuses.

3. Make a health plan and stick to it

If you are too light or too heavy, it may affect your ability to conceive and bring great risk to pregnancy. Exercise itself can improve the endocrine state of the body, promote ovulation and the development of germ cells. Keeping in shape for at least 3 months before pregnancy is conducive to a smooth delivery. These good health ways include yoga, jogging, walking and swimming.

4. Adhere to the life habit of pregnancy preparation

Germ cells are fragile and sensitive cells in the human body. Studies have shown that smoking, drinking, staying up late, caffeine intake and other bad habits are closely related to abortion, low birth weight and premature delivery. So keep good habits before pregnancy.

5. Keep away from all hazards

Some factors may be harmful to you and your future baby. If your working environment or newly decorated house, often do aircraft, always exposed to chemical areas, then it is easy to cause harm to germ cells.

6. Use appropriate contraceptive methods

For couples who use condoms, it’s very easy to stop contraception, but for women who use contraceptives, they need to go to the hospital to take them out. If you have been using drugs for contraception, you need to consult a doctor who thinks that you are starting to get pregnant in a few months, because different drugs have different effects on reproductive capacity. So during this time, you can use condoms.

The most important thing in scientific pregnancy preparation is to develop good living habits, so that the body is in the best state of life to meet the arrival of the best quality baby, but all this must rely on themselves.


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