Early pregnancy examination, in addition to the familiar urine test, blood test, menstruation, early pregnancy reaction, there is another method, it is effective, convenient, cheap, but often not get the attention of pregnant owners, that is basic body temperature measurement, referred to as BBT.

1、 Why don’t you use basal body temperature?

1. Superstition check

Many sisters think that only relying on sophisticated instruments, give a lot of numerical or image examination, can be reliable. For example, using gynecological B-ultrasound to monitor follicular development, although the appointment is troublesome and painful, it is the real reassurance to see the egg through the ultrasound image.

2. Be afraid of trouble

Basic body temperature monitoring needs to be carried out continuously for several months every day. Although it’s only three or five minutes before getting up, many people just feel that it’s too troublesome and can’t persist.

[I have something to say]: Although the basic body temperature has limitations, it can continuously record the body changes, find the trends and summarize the rules at a very low cost. However, a hospital examination can only get those accurate but incoherent information. So it’s not the best choice to go to the hospital relying on precision instruments.


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