About make-up

Some husbands

Always raise some irritating questions.

To show your own meticulous logic.

But this is in the eyes of his wife.


Must be

I feel too long.


Husband: what are you doing with a stick on your face just now?

Wife: concealer, my cheeks are a little red.

Husband: what do you brush on your face now?

Wife: blush, let the cheeks be ruddy.

Husband: do you think about yourself? Are you stupid?

Happy mammy: covered with plateau red, is the girl’s peach bright red, can it be the same?


Husband: why do you want to draw eyebrows?

Wife: because the eyebrows are not enough.

Husband: Why did you just shave off with a knife?


Happy mammy: this sentence makes people kill their hearts.


Wife: I want to go to the micro level to ensure that it will not be exaggerated.

Husband: since you can’t see it, what are you doing?


Happy mammy: you can’t see the whole thing, but you can see the beauty, huh.


Husband: why do you paint your mouth so white?

Wife: lips are too red to cover up the makeup.

Husband: why do I wipe my mouth again?


Happy mammy: bean paste, aunt’s color, grapefruit color, big red… Whose mouth is born with its own color?


Wife: wait a minute. I paint a makeup.

Husband: what’s wrong with you? You can’t change your clothes just now.


Happy mammy: no makeup, I am dark yellow, black and red.


Husband: why do you want to wash your face?

Wife: it’s too oily on the face.

Husband: what are you wearing now?

Wife: lotion, too dry on the face, moisturizing.

Husband: are you sick?!

Happy Mummy: dispel the oil, fill the water, and take what to save you.


Husband: why do you paint your eyes underneath?

Wife: I am hiding my eyes.

Husband: why do you use black now?

Wife: I am painting the shadow of the sleeping silkworm.

Happy mammy: if you want to be beaten, just say it, don’t use such a roundabout way.


Husband: what do you smear on the sides of your nose?

Wife: the shadow of playing, the nose looks more three-dimensional.

Husband: so you just don’t smear white on both sides of your nose.


Happy Mommy: Tap water can’t be drunk. Unwashed apples can’t be eaten, but washed apples can be eaten. So tell me why?


Wife: I want to buy this make-up water, because no added no stimulation, pregnant women can be used.

Husband: gentle without adding, no stimulation, why not directly tap tap water on the face?


Happy Mummy: cake is made from egg whipped cream. Why don’t you just eat egg whipped cream?

Husband’s Theory

Thinking carefully is nothing.

Although it’s quite reasonable.

But something on our fairy face.

How can you all understand it?

See you next time

Good looks are enough.

Why do you ask so much?


Is your husband like this?


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