The sperm quality of the pregnant men is good or bad, which directly affects the pregnant status of the mothers who are not pregnant. If the sperm quality of the father is not good, even if the baby is conceived in a small probability, it is easy to miscarry during pregnancy, or give birth to an unhealthy baby. Do you know the most common killers in our daily life?

I. food spermicidal, 90% of pregnant men don’t know

1. Fried chicken

Fried food is delicious but unhealthy. Experts pointed out that barbecue and fried starches contain carcinogens, which can lead to fewer men and weak sperm. In addition, heavy metal cadmium and pesticide residues are toxic to sperm.

2. Beer

Beer is a frequent customer of men’s table in summer, but it’s also a notorious spermicidal food. If the kidney of the pregnant man is still suffering from kidney diseases, excessive beer will lead to the deposition of uric acid, which will lead to renal tubular obstruction and renal failure.

3. Coffee

Coffee seems to make men more energetic. The most obvious feature of coffee is its exciting caffeine, but at the same time it stimulates the sympathetic nerve of the human body, it suppresses the parasympathetic nerve. To put it plainly, it makes the sexual desire of male compatriots decrease.

4. Tofu

Love to eat tofu and other soy products pregnant men, do not look down on this soft white tofu. If you eat soy products every day, it will significantly reduce the number of sperm in men, and the probability of erectile dysfunction is 3.46 times higher than that of those who don’t often eat.

5. Milk tea

What is the purpose of processing milk tea? These milk tea is made of cream, pigment and essence. The main component of the cream is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which reduces the secretion of male hormones, reduces the activity of sperm and interrupts the reaction process of sperm in the body.

6. Pork loin

Is it really something to eat? Studies have shown that there are different contents of heavy metal cadmium in the liver and kidney of pigs, cattle and sheep. People eat cadmium into their stomachs at the same time of supplementation, which is likely to cause infertility. If the pregnant man himself is a smoker, the infertility rate is as high as 60%.

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Page 1: Food spermicidal, 90% of pregnant men don’t know

Page 2: other factors affecting sperm quality

Page 3: importance of premarital semen examination

Page 4: how to improve sperm quality


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