For couples preparing for pregnancy for the first time, there are always some “take it for granted” practices.

For example, man a thinks that strong people don’t have to worry about having no future. As a result, strong people are found to have low sperm motility;

In order to get pregnant as soon as possible, Ms. B and her husband love each other almost every day, so they won’t miss the magical ovulation period

In fact, these “take it for granted” practices really can’t help pregnant couples get pregnant as soon as possible.

Mr. Mai: we haven’t used contraception for half a year. Why can’t we conceive?

The so-called baby is not what you want, you can want it. For women who have had contraceptive measures before pregnancy preparation, they are often not able to conceive immediately after stopping pregnancy preparation.

Especially after many women take contraceptives, it is easy to affect women’s physiological cycle. Even a healthy couple has only a quarter chance of successful pregnancy in each physiological cycle. Therefore, if you want a baby, you should stop the contraceptive at least 3 months in advance.

Coco: my husband and I are very healthy every physical examination. It’s impossible not to have a baby?

Many young couples went to the hospital for examination after asking for help and unable to get pregnant smoothly. Later, they still had to admit that they had made such a mistake. In fact, many infertile couples look very healthy, but this does not mean that their fertility is also healthy.

Many of the causes of infertility do not appear anywhere else in the body. Conversely, even if some people are not very healthy, it does not mean they are infertile.

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Page 1: stop contraception and get pregnant

Page 2: if you haven’t been pregnant for months, there must be a problem

Page 3: as long as < 35 years old, reproductive ability is very strong


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