The reason why many parents to be fail in contraception is that they don’t understand the combination of sperm and egg fertilization. Blocking the combination of sperm and egg is the principle of all contraception. If the sperm has the opportunity to enter the vagina and combine with the egg, it means that your family will add new life.

One, six rumors, this can also be pregnant

1. Women who have sex for the first time are not likely to get pregnant.

For many teenagers, this will only be a wrong guide. In love, there is no “free trial” opportunity. As long as the physical conditions of both sides of sexual intercourse are normal, women may be pregnant, which has nothing to do with whether women are first pregnant or not. If women are not in ovulation, the probability of pregnancy is relatively small.

2. Take the method of external ejaculation when having sex, and you won’t get pregnant.

Many men who don’t like to wear a condom have this idea that as long as there is no ejaculation in the body, there will be no possibility of pregnancy. But in fact, when a man’s penis twitches in the vagina, or just enters the woman’s body, a small amount of semen will flow out before ejaculation, which contains sperm Oh!

3. Douching the vagina after intercourse can avoid pregnancy.

Some women insist on washing their vagina with water, soap or warm Cola after having sex, thinking that this way can wash away sperm and prevent pregnancy. To put it bluntly, this kind of lavage is not only not an effective contraceptive measure, but also can cause vaginal infection. Women should make a careful decision.

4. After male ejaculation, women will not get pregnant if they urinate immediately.

It’s really funny for parents to be who have this idea. This way is nonsense. You know, urine is discharged from the urethra above the vagina, while sperm enters the vagina. It’s totally two different concepts. How can contraception be carried out smoothly?

5. It is impossible to get pregnant during safe period of sexual intercourse.

The so-called safe period refers to the period before and after ovulation. Compared with ovulation, the latter safe period is not so easy to conceive. But safe period contraception is not very reliable, because women’s ovulation date is not constant, but by life pressure, emotion, sexual activity, health status and other factors, in the condition of uncertain ovulation period, pregnancy is also very normal.

6. After taking emergency contraceptives, you will not get pregnant.

There is no absolute, the use of emergency contraceptives contraceptive rate is indeed relatively high, about 90%. But the use of emergency contraceptives must pay attention to the time, must be taken within the prescribed period according to the guidance, can only have remedial effect on the previous sexual intercourse, can not have unprotected sexual intercourse again after taking medicine.

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