Generally speaking, over 35 years old, we call them senior women. If older women want to get pregnant, there are two points to pay attention to first.

First, the fertility of women over the age of 35 is declining. According to statistics from foreign countries, the fertility of women over 35 years old is 50% lower than that before 35 years old, and that of 40 years old is 50% lower than that of 35 years old. With the increase of age, women’s fertility will show a downward trend.

Before preparing for pregnancy, elderly women should do some corresponding examination, such as looking for obstetrics and gynecology doctors to check whether they have gynecological diseases, whether the ovarian reserve capacity is normal, whether the ovulation function is normal. And the older the female, the endometrial receptivity, uterine blood supply capacity will have a corresponding decline. This series of functional problems will affect the pregnancy of elderly women.

Second, women over the age of 35 may also have obesity, other medical diseases, gynecological inflammation, ovarian cancer and other problems, which also need to be done before pregnancy. When preparing for pregnancy, we should first communicate with doctors to exclude the diseases that affect pregnancy before pregnancy, or to regulate and treat the original diseases, so as to achieve a better state of pregnancy. This can reduce some complications of pregnancy, can safely through the pregnancy, the child is also healthy.


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