In the scorching summer, my appetite seems to have been burned out. How many delicious dishes are placed in front of me, without the impulse to eat them. How entangled this should be for foodies. For expectant mothers, how can they avoid eating when they need to supplement their nutrition? I would like to recommend a few delicious foods here to make expectant mothers have a strong appetite and rich nutrition.

1、 The weather is hot and dry without appetite, how can I eat better?

·Pay attention to hygiene and eat more fresh and less oily food. Because this type of food is rich in moisture, easy to digest, and has a short retention time in the stomach. And oily food is difficult to digest, and when it enters the duodenum and upper mucosa, it produces a type of intestinal acid, which slows down gastric motility and affects appetite.

·You should eat more foods that contain more vitamins and protein. Due to the vigorous metabolism and high consumption of various proteins and vitamins in summer, the human body is often in a state of protein deficiency. So eat more soy products, eggs, vegetables, and fruits in moderation to supplement your body’s needs.

·Eat less sweets. Various desserts, such as sugar and cakes, contain a large amount of sucrose and fructose. These sugars, after being digested by the human gastrointestinal tract and decomposed by phenols, will turn into glucose and enter the bloodstream, causing an increase in blood sugar concentration. Excessive blood sugar can lead to a lack of hunger.

·Diet should be diverse. Continuously changing the patterns of food can enhance people’s appetite, emphasizing color, aroma, and often eating cold dishes, adding some vinegar, soy sauce and other seasonings to the dishes, can all enhance appetite.

·Eat heatstroke prevention and cooling foods frequently. Foods such as tomatoes, mung beans, hawthorn, etc. are not only nutritious, but also contain various vitamins and trace elements, which can quench thirst, diuresis, detoxify, dissipate heat and appetizers. They are excellent heatstroke prevention foods in summer.

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, having a poor appetite during hot weather is not only about how to have an appetite, but also about how to ensure that pregnant women can eat nutritious food.


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