If you want to have a healthy and smart baby, you have to prepare for pregnancy! How much do you know about pregnancy preparation? In fact, there are tips for preparing for pregnancy. If you don’t master the tips, it may affect fertility. For example, the habit of not eating breakfast will actually reduce your fertility; if you sleep with the night light on for a long time, your fertility will be disturbed; exercise is a good thing, but excessive exercise will have side effects This aspect is easy to be ignored by you, but it may affect fertility, do you know?

Nutrition: do not eat or eat less breakfast will reduce fertility

Pre pregnancy tips: in the three months before pregnancy, both husband and wife should pay attention to diversified diet, strengthen reasonable nutrition, and eat more food that is beneficial to the health, so as to keep the body in the best condition and prepare for pregnancy.

Rich breakfast can protect the ovary and improve fertility

Maybe everyone knows the benefits of breakfast, but there are still many people, especially white-collar workers, who miss breakfast time in order to get more sleep in the morning. Studies have found that breakfast is linked to fertility. Many women with abnormal ovarian function have “insulin resistance”, which leads to high testosterone level in the body and eventually reduces fertility. However, a rich breakfast can protect the ovaries and improve fertility.

Work and rest: night light sleep will interfere with fertility

Pre pregnancy tips: as the saying goes, “work at sunrise and rest at sunset” tells us that we should live a regular life and not stay up late. Staying up late is harmful to our health and even affects our fertility.

Turning on the light at night can affect fertility

Artificial light and streetlights at night not only affect sleep quality, but also interfere with fertility, according to a report. Exposure to light at night inhibits the production of sleep hormone melatonin, which plays a key role in protecting women’s eggs from free radicals. The researchers suggest that women planning to conceive should first create a quiet and dark sleep environment and make sure they sleep eight hours a night.

AA: male superior is a misunderstanding

Pre pregnancy tips: in order to prepare for pregnancy, many couples make all kinds of preparations, adjust work and rest, body conditioning, ovulation test, of course, including the use of more fertile posture during sexual intercourse.

It is a mistake to say that “men are superior to men in favor of conception”

For a long time, we have formed a misunderstanding that male superior position is the most favorable position for pregnancy, so many couples persist in this position during pregnancy preparation. In fact, the factors that play an important role in pregnancy are the time and frequency of sex, not the position. Couples should try any comfortable sexual position, increase sexual frequency during ovulation, and use ovulation test paper to monitor ovulation.

Exercise: excessive exercise can produce side effects

Pre pregnancy tips: proper exercise before pregnancy can strengthen the maternal constitution, promote body metabolism, and coordinate and improve the functions of various systems of the body. It can also improve sexual function, so as to provide high quality egg cells for fertilized eggs.

Exercise is a good thing, but excessive exercise can have side effects

Women with normal weight who exercise more than five hours a week, such as swimming, fast cycling or long-distance running, are less likely to get pregnant; women who adhere to low-intensity exercise (such as a leisurely bike or brisk walk) are more likely to get pregnant. Pregnant women should learn to seek balance and moderation, add Pilates, yoga and other types of exercise in regular exercise, and moderate rest.

To prepare for pregnancy, you should do your best. Developing good work and rest habits, frequent exercise, and nutritious diet can help you prepare for pregnancy more effectively. I believe many female friends know all kinds of truth, but action is the most important thing! For the baby, for a better life in the future, come on!


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