For urban white-collar workers, air conditioning disease is the most headache. Living in such conditions for a long time will also affect the fertility of women. For obese women, whether they can get pregnant smoothly is also different from person to person. Therefore, for different types of women, the focus of pre pregnancy examination will also be focused.

White collar and sub healthy women

When it comes to white-collar workers, the 9-to-5 life will be enviable, but it will also make white-collar workers who have suffered a lot. The closed environment of living in an office building for a long time, coupled with the sedentary working style, has a great impact on women. When the human body’s activity reduces, it will affect the blood circulation of the whole body, and the pelvis is oppressed by the collocation, which makes the blood circulation of the uterus blocked.

Key examination: no comprehensive routine physical examination for parents.

In view of the situation of most white-collar workers, obstetricians and gynecologists generally recommend that they carry out targeted exercise, strengthen pelvic muscle strength exercise, and formulate daily exercise program for reference. At the same time, pay attention to ensure a reasonable time of work and rest, refuse to stay up all night, balanced intake of nutrition, resolutely refuse the invasion of tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy, and doctors will make appropriate psychological adjustment for depression caused by excessive pressure, psychological anxiety and other reasons, and use drugs for treatment in serious cases.

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Page 1: white collar, sub healthy women

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