Although more and more attention has been paid to the pre pregnancy examination in recent years, some couples still don’t have the concept of pre pregnancy examination, and they always feel that they don’t need to spend those money and energy. In fact, otherwise, do a good pre pregnancy check, pregnant healthy baby is more secure. Especially these five kinds of women, because of some of their own factors, need to do enough pre pregnancy examination, eliminate the adverse factors, pregnant safely. What are the five kinds of women to be highlighted here? Let’s introduce them one by one.

1、 Women with a family history

A Hui knew from an early age that her mother had diabetes, and she was inherited at a young age. Before marriage, a Hui thought that she just needed to pay more attention to her life. But when she wanted to prepare for pregnancy, she knew that among all kinds of genetic diseases, the maternal and perinatal mortality of diabetes was far higher than that of non diabetes.

According to clinical data, about 2% of women with diabetes have infertility, and their abortion rate can be as high as 15% – 30%. This is because once a woman is pregnant, diabetes will aggravate, thus increasing the complications of pregnant women, fetus and newborn.

[key examination before pregnancy]: blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin.

Of course, not all diabetics are unable to conceive. However, if there is a genetic history, women should stop taking oral hypoglycemic drugs three months before pregnancy, so as to avoid some components of the drugs leading to fetal malformation. Insulin can be used according to the doctor’s diagnosis to control blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin at an ideal level. At the same time, we should control diet and exercise reasonably in our life to minimize the complications.

2、 “Chubby” beauty

Xiaomei is a foodie, almost a city mobile food station. Her only regret is that she is a little fat. She claims to be a “little fat” beauty. In fact, whether women are too thin or too fat, it will affect normal pregnancy. For obese women, it’s really unlikely that their eggs will become healthy embryos. The obese women caused by endocrine disorders are prone to polycystic ovary syndrome, which makes the follicles difficult to mature, affects normal ovulation and causes infertility.

[key examination before pregnancy]: complete biochemical examination + comprehensive routine physical examination for husband and wife.

For obese pregnant women, healthy weight loss is the only way. And this kind of healthy way to lose weight, mainly through diet, exercise regulation and other ways to regulate the physical condition of women, to ensure that there is a healthy body to nurture the baby. Once a woman is confirmed to be pregnant, she can’t lose weight at will, but she can make a limited plan for the calories, nutrition distribution and weight gain according to the professional opinion of the doctor.

3、 White collar

In the early years, “white-collar” seemed to be the envy of the industry, but now, nine to five, the pressure of the white-collar class is often self mockery. Lily and her husband are typical “white-collar workers”. They spend 2-3 hours on the road every day. Apart from the time of eating, they stay in the office. The sedentary and lack of movement will directly affect the blood circulation of the whole body, and the pelvis will make the blood circulation of the uterus more blocked due to the pressure of the collocation.

[key examination before pregnancy]: comprehensive routine physical examination for both husband and wife.

On the premise that there are no other physical problems in general, for white-collar workers, obstetricians and gynaecologists will generally recommend them to carry out routine physical examination, and then carry out targeted exercises in daily life to strengthen the strength of pelvic muscles, at the same time, ensure a reasonable daily life and rest time, refuse to smoke and wine, balance the intake of nutrition, and ensure a relaxed mind.

Four. Women with irregular menstruation

Junjun and Mr. Wang are going to have a baby, but she has been menstruating irregularly, and she is almost tossed by her menstruation once a month. Doctors have reminded her that irregular menstruation, if not well adjusted, will affect her to have children. In fact, for women with irregular menstruation, they should first distinguish whether they belong to the period of virginity or the period caused by gynecology after marriage. In fact, it is very easy to regulate menstruation during virginity, and the probability of pregnancy after marriage is also high. However, menstruation disorder caused by gynecological diseases may be a sign of infertility.

[key examination before pregnancy]: ovarian function examination + pituitary function examination + CT examination of sella turcica + chromosome examination + B ultrasonic examination

For women. Irregular menstruation is caused by some problems in the uterus. And the womb is exactly the key place for life. Therefore, women should take good care of their uterus all their lives. Once menstruation is found to be irregular, they should go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid more and more serious delay.

5、 Women who have had abortions

Xi’er and her boyfriend just got married this year. She did not plan to be pregnant a year ago. She had an abortion experience and now plans to have a child. Xi’er starts to worry about whether the previous abortion experience will affect her pregnancy again. We usually see so many “stream ads”, enough to prove that the market is still very large. No matter what the purpose of abortion, women should not be pregnant again until at least half a year after the operation. If the endometrium and cervix are not completely recovered, it is easy to cause another abortion.

[key examination before pregnancy]: chromosome examination + lead and occupational toxicant examination + coagulation function examination + hormone determination examination + abortion immune series examination + thyroid function examination + glucose metabolism + iodine, semen determination + hysteroscopy

During the pregnancy test, pregnant women should actively inform their doctors of the abortion related matters in advance as a reference, such as the cause of abortion, the time of abortion, whether there is any sequel, etc. If women suffer from special diseases in gynecology and obstetrics, such as infertility, habitual early abortion, birth history of congenital malformation, unexplained stillbirth, neonatal death, etc., women must carry out relevant examinations, analyze the causes, carry out targeted treatment, and avoid miscarriage again.

I hope that every pregnant sister should not be afraid of trouble and omit the key step of pre pregnancy examination. Once there is something wrong with the baby, it’s too late to regret. Pre pregnancy examination can avoid birth defects and prevent genetic disease transmission, which is not only related to individuals, but also to the whole family.


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