Nowadays, more and more infertile women, after excluding the internal factors of the body, there are many women because of psychological factors leading to infertility, psychological factors are common is too much pressure. Whether it comes from external pressure or their own pressure, will affect women’s pregnancy. How can we alleviate the pressure of pregnancy preparation? It’s a good way to relieve pressure from life, to have fun at work, and to make time for a good rest. Pregnant sisters should not be anxious, relax their mood, good pregnancy will naturally come.

Mental stress, not easy to get pregnant

When the human body is in a good mental state, the energy, physical strength and sexual function are in the peak period, and the quality of sperm and eggs is relatively high, at this time fertilization, the quality of the fetus is also good, which is conducive to eugenics. If the couple is in a bad mood during pregnancy, it will probably lead to endocrine changes, which will adversely affect their physical function and make them less likely to conceive.

In addition, if pregnant women have high mental stress, it is likely that the ovaries will no longer secrete female hormones and ovulation, and menstruation will begin to disorder or even amenorrhea. In this case, infertility may also occur.

Therefore, parents who are not allowed to be pregnant must relax their mood and alleviate their psychological pressure, and the baby will come unasked.

Three major pressures make it difficult for women to get pregnant

1. Failure to conceive early and stress escalation after treatment failure

In order to complete the important task of fertility as soon as possible, some women try their best to seek medical treatment everywhere. Early treatment failure, social discrimination and the incomprehension of relatives and friends often aggravate the bad feelings of grief, depression, anger, guilt, loneliness and so on. Even under this heavy blow, the spirit completely collapses.

2. Pressure from parents

Among all the pressures, the pressure from parents is the greatest. Old people are eager for their grandchildren, and they usually keep pushing their children to have children. There is also persuasion from relatives and friends, and the arguments behind some nosy people, which makes the couple bear heavy mental pressure.

Women of pregnant age, if they are under great pressure all the time, will lead to dysfunction, disorder of ovarian ovulation, even non-ovulation, or irregular menstruation, which of course is not conducive to pregnancy.

3. Stress from Work

Many professional women have too tense working life rhythm and great mental pressure, especially when they are hit at work, they are prone to depression, insomnia, dreaming and so on. These factors will make the hypothalamus, pituitary and reproductive gland “command” and “convergence” effect suffered harm, leading to imbalance of function, thus unable to ovulate normally, not easy to pregnancy.

How to Relieve Pregnancy Pressure and Pregnancy as Wish

1. Release Stress from Life

Faced with the pressure of this mountain, the parents who are not expecting to learn is to vent out a lot of unhappiness in an appropriate way to eliminate depression.

How to regulate one’s own mood and keep away from depression? In fact, it is very simple to regulate oneself, learn to comfort oneself, and do not stick to one’s own small world and suffer from gains and losses; often participate in sports activities to enrich spiritual life, ease tension and broaden one’s mind; watching flowers and plants, listening to music, watching mountains and rivers and so on can improve bad mood and help self-regulation; communicate with others. Can effectively express their needs and feelings, can avoid the generation of depression; multi-exercise, running, walking, swimming and other sports are effective ways to dissolve bad emotions.

2. Have fun at work

It’s not easy to make tedious work moments fun. However, if you try to find pleasure in your work and put yourself into it with an optimistic attitude, you will believe that the dull and suffocating working atmosphere and your mental state will be greatly improved.

At this time, you will find that not only will your work efficiency be greatly improved, but your optimism will also affect the people around you. At the same time, you can also improve your work performance and your image in the minds of colleagues and leaders, which is conducive to your career. Easy to face the work, find the fun of work, you will find everything is so beautiful.

3. Make time for rest

Work is for a happy life, but don’t let life be occupied by work. Make time for rest. Stop just for a better start. It’s easy to say, but sometimes it’s not easy to make time. Even so, you should try to give yourself more rest time.

The quickest way to restore calmness is to breathe deeply and then think about what makes you feel anxious when your parents are not expectant. Deep breathing can also inject more oxygen into your body, making you more energetic. So it’s recommended to meditate for ten minutes every day. Meditation is a good way to relieve stress. It can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, slow breathing, calm brain waves, improve the body’s ability to respond to stressful events, and prevent the decline of the body’s immunity under pressure.

The sister who is pregnant should learn to release herself, relieve pressure in time, be in a good mood, be in better health and be more likely to get pregnant. Best wishes to the pregnant sister!


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