Most mothers are calm when they are pregnant with a second child. After all, they already have the first-hand experience of the eldest child. They are no longer talking about food, clothing, transportation and maternity inspection. As the saying goes, “one child keeps books, the second one takes care of pigs”.

Going to the hospital was criticized by the obstetrician.

You are an old parturient, after 35 years, you should pay attention to it.

You are a second child, a first child is a cesarean section to build high-risk files Oh!

You are an important person to keep your diet under control.

A lot of problems caused me panic, it seems not too casual, second-born babies must be treated carefully, after all, our physical conditions and age are here. And because when a baby is pregnant, its weight soars from 90 kilograms to 120 kilograms, and when the eldest child is born, it never goes down to three digits again, so it can’t go back to its youth. According to the present cardinality, I feel that the rhythm will grow to 140 in the future, and listen to the doctor’s scary words until the sugar tolerance test, so as to narrow the gap by 0.01. The doctor reminded me again to pay attention to sugar intake, and I had to start paying attention to nutritional intake during pregnancy.

With the increase of age, pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome and gestational diabetes mellitus are more likely to occur. Since I was pregnant with Erbao, from the instability of the fetus in the early pregnancy, the risk of glucose tolerance in the second trimester and various uncertainties in the body during pregnancy, I have become more self-disciplined in my life during pregnancy and paid more attention to nutrition during pregnancy. So, how can pregnant women with high blood sugar and fast weight gain eat better during pregnancy?

1. Limit oil and salt

Eat a light diet with less oil and salt. For pregnant women who are prone to lower limb edema, the food should not be too salty and tastes too heavy, so they need to eat more water-saving food.

Especially fried chicken, barbecue, French fries, potato chips and other foods, should be prohibited!!!! As a pregnant woman, you must hold back now. Because long-term consumption of high-fat fried foods will increase the content of cholesterol and cholic acid in mothers-to-be, not only increase the risk of breast cancer, but also may expose the baby to the risk of reproductive system cancer. Relevant studies have confirmed that high salt diet is closely related to hypertension. High salt during pregnancy may lead to hypertensive disorders in pregnancy and edema in the middle and end of pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that the daily salt intake of adults be controlled within 6 grams.

2. Eat less and eat more

During pregnancy, appetite tends to get bigger and hungry after three meals. It is recommended to eat fewer and more meals, not too much at a time.

To prevent gestational diabetes mellitus, we should control the intake of sugar food, eat less sweets and more vegetables. With the rapid growth of fetal babies, the metabolism of energy and protein in pregnant women is accelerating, and the demand for vitamin B and iron is increasing. Most pregnant mothers begin to have long streaks around 5 or 6 months. Vitamin C and E in food can “eat” these streaks.

3. Choose the right food to eat

The first category: fruit. It can be in the morning or afternoon, or in the morning or in the afternoon. But pregnant women with high blood sugar should eat some low GI fruits, such as bananas, oranges, papaya and so on.

Category II: Milk. Milk is low in calories, but it has high nutritional value and can help sleep. It is most appropriate to add meals in the evening.

The third category: nuts and coarse grains, nuts and coarse grains are relatively high in calorie content, so that pregnant mothers eat some of the body’s satiety will be enhanced, mainly because the nutrients in these nuts are more, can give pregnant mothers some energy, for the growth and development of the baby is also good.

During the critical period of pregnancy, every mouthful of food may affect the healthy development of the baby in the stomach, so mothers should be responsible for every behavior, especially diet.


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