Pregnancy is a complex physiological process. As we all know, there are several necessary conditions for successful pregnancy: women can discharge normal eggs, men’s semen is normal and contains normal sperm; Eggs and sperm can meet and combine in the fallopian tube; The fertilized egg can be successfully implanted in the endometrium.

I. immune infertility! What’s going on?

If the husband and wife are in normal health, live together for more than one year, have a normal sexual life and do not take any contraceptive measures, but do not get pregnant, we should consider whether it is because of the “discord” between sperm and eggs, because it may be immune infertility.

Immune infertility accounts for about 10-30% of infertility patients, including anti sperm antibody, anti endometrial antibody, anti egg antibody and other immune infertility. The most common in clinic is immune infertility caused by the production of antisperm antibodies, which may occur in both men and women.

A family doesn’t know a family, and sperm and eggs repel each other

To understand why sperm and eggs repel each other, we need to know a proper term, that is, antisperm antibody (AsAb). AsAb is a complex pathological product. Its exact cause is not fully understood, but it can be suffered by both men and women.

The immune function of the human body is performed by hundreds of millions of different lymphocytes. Lymphocytes activated by special antigens produce two different immune responses: humoral immune response and cellular immune response. Once a foreign body invades a certain part of the body, lymphocytes, like hundreds of millions of armed soldiers, immediately dispatch troops and generals, with the cooperation of leukocytes and macrophages, until the invading enemy is eliminated.

Under normal circumstances, lymphocytes have the ability to distinguish between their own tissues and foreign bodies. However, in the pathological state, the immune recognition function is misjudged, or it can not be recognized by the immune system due to some barrier isolation. Antisperm antibody (AsAb) is the product of special immunity. If the antisperm antibody is positive, it is easy to cause sperm to be “killed by mistake”.

Both women and men may produce antisperm antibody under special circumstances. Once it is positive, sperm will suffer great disaster, which is difficult to meet the conditions of normal pregnancy and lead to infertility.

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