Many pregnant mothers want their babies to be born with double eyelids and high nose.


Just because these five senses are largely good-looking symbols, who doesn’t want their babies to be beautiful?

Especially the eyes, everyone said that the eyes are the window of the soul, double-eyelid big eyes of the doll is generally not difficult to see where to go.

So many parents have fancy guesses and uncertainties about whether a baby will have one or two eyelids in the future.

In fact, the situation is nothing more than these three kinds.

1. Both parents have double eyelids, so the baby may be born with one eyelid, it may be double eyelids.

2. If one of the parents is single eyelid and the other is double eyelid, the baby may be single eyelid or double eyelid.

3. both parents are single eyelids, so they will only produce a single eyelid baby.

Some parents may wonder why we both have double eyelids and have a single eyelid baby. It’s not surprising. Here’s a good explanation.

Mom and dad are double eyelids. Under what circumstances can they produce a single eyelid baby?

Although both moms and dads have double eyelids, they are likely to carry a single eyelid gene, and the two recessive genes just come together, so the baby becomes a single eyelid.

But there will also be such a situation, although many babies are born with a single eyelid, but slowly grow up, eyelids will change into double eyelids, some experts said that is because the father in the eyelid genetic predominance, as long as the father is double eyelids, most of them will also be inherited to the baby. But this is still unproven.

If a single eyelid baby wants to grow up with double eyelids, he can wait until the baby grows up and ask for advice. If he wants to, he can become a double eyelid baby the day after tomorrow.


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