Many people have heard of the saying that boys resemble mothers and girls resemble fathers, but is there any scientific basis for this?

Actually, as of now, there hasn’t been any~

Upon careful observation of the situation in our daily lives, it is not difficult to find that there are boys who are like mothers and dads, and girls who are like dads and moms.

There is a hypothesis that people subconsciously believe that girls should be like girls, so the characteristics of girls like mothers are ignored, and male characteristics like fathers are highlighted, and vice versa.

Another explanation is that girls have two X chromosomes compared with boys, and the X chromosome carries more genetic information than the Y chromosome, so girls are more like fathers. It should be said that girls are more like fathers than boys.

The parent child reality show of the fire before made many children of star families known to everyone, just like Jimmy Lin and Kimi, Tian Liang and Cindy, Ollie is like Li Xiaopeng, but Lu Yi’s daughter is more like her mother.

The origin of the statement that boys resemble mothers and girls resemble fathers cannot be verified, but this statement is clearly deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Therefore, when we discover that there are boys like mothers and girls like fathers, we will have a deeper impression of this statement. And if you find something that doesn’t match, you will unconsciously think it’s just an accidental phenomenon.

In medicine, it is believed that the influence of parents’ genes is the same.

Many people believe that girls are like dads and boys are like moms. But in fact, the influence of genes obtained by children from their parents is the same. Medical research shows that there is no claim that boys inherit more mothers and girls inherit more fathers. Therefore, the statement that boys resemble mothers and girls resemble fathers is not scientific.

In addition, the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm pass genes on to the child through genetic factors, from facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth to body shape. The child will inherit various genetic factors from their parents at the same time, so it is difficult to say which parent’s characteristics are more easily inherited to the child.

Genetics is a very complex matter, and the details of appearance are particularly complex. So far, there is no scientific research that can clearly confirm the conclusion that boys are like mothers and girls are like fathers.

At present, scientists have provided verifiable genetic patterns for appearance details such as hair and pupil color, body fat and thin, double eyelids, and nose bridge height.

Apart from the theory of appearance inheritance, other life related theories about inheritance, such as height mainly inherited from fathers and IQ mainly inherited from mothers, are all unreliable.


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