There’s so much uncertainty about having a baby. Sometimes it’s clear that everything’s okay with a pregnancy test, but it’s too late to conceive. This is a difficult problem for many pregnant couples. Why is this so? How can we conceive the baby as we wish? This article will answer this question for you.

Why is it so hard to get pregnant?

Xu Yunyun, a doctor of clinical medicine, said: “this is not called infertility. Medically, infertility is defined as failure to conceive naturally for more than a year on the premise of regular couple life.

Is it spicy? How can we improve the chances of conception?

Physical examination: regular physical examination, if possible to affect the disease of pregnancy need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Life and rest: early to bed, early to rise, no smoking, no drinking, certain aerobic exercise will help you to have good pregnancy.

Nutrition: Both husband and wife should ensure balanced nutrition so as to increase the vitality of germ cells.

Sex life: Sex life two or three times a week, not as a task to complete, the couple to achieve the best state. Pay attention to health and hygiene, and guard against reproductive tract infections.

Ovulation test paper: purchase test paper for ovulation test, record basal body temperature, and exert force during ovulation period. But don’t think it’s enough to just exert enough energy during ovulation. The human body is wonderful.

Mood: There is no psychological pressure in normal life, so some couples choose to honeymoon again, in a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere pregnancy test.

If in such circumstances, more than a year has not yet been naturally conceived, you can go to the hospital for help.

Besides, these risks can cause pregnancy.

Hidden danger 1: induced abortion

Sub index: 30~50 points.

Every abortion will increase your chance of infertility by 3% to 5%. Abortion can easily cause endometrial damage, so that fertilized eggs are not easy to “root”. In addition, if the operation is not properly caused by infection or postoperative rest can not be very good, can easily lead to tubal obstruction, endometriosis and other problems, resulting in infertility.

Coping strategies: as far as possible away from the crowd, do contraceptive measures.

Hidden danger 2: childbearing age

Sub index: 30 points.

From the age of 30, the fertility curve showed a downward trend, 40 years after the more obvious decline, generally considered that after 45 years of age pregnancy belongs to the elderly maternal, the risk is greater. So, if possible, please complete the inoculation before the age of 35.

Coping strategies: advance planning, so as not to regret afterwards.

Hidden danger 3: gynecopathy

Sub index: 50 points.

A variety of gynecological diseases or secondary infection of genital tract infection can reduce the possibility of conception. In addition to tubal obstruction, endometriosis and other pathological changes, if the use of contraceptives improper, will also cause endocrine disorders and cause infertility; there are also some infectious diseases, such as gonococcus, chlamydia, mycoplasma infection also cause difficulties in pregnancy.

Coping strategies: contraceptives should be used under the guidance of doctors. If there is any physical problems, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Hidden danger 4: mental pressure

Sub index: 40 points.

Pregnancy needs to be in a state of euphoria to be more smooth. If you are stressed, stressed and anxious all the time, the cortex can’t make hormones secrete normally, inhibit the normal ovulation function of the ovaries, and the probability of conception will be reduced.

Coping strategies: relax and face life with an optimistic attitude.

Hidden danger 5: bad habits

Sub index: 40~50 points.

Smoking, drinking or staying up late is known as the “three reduction” of conception. Smoking, drinking or staying up late not only affects human health, but also affects the quality of germ cells, resulting in difficulty in conception.

Coping strategies: quit smoking and drinking, keep a scientific sleep time, and don’t let bad habits become fertility killers.

Hidden danger 6: abuse supplements

Sub index: 10~30 points.

Some health care products contain a lot of estrogen, short-term use may feel happy, energetic, but if taken for a long time, may lead to endocrine disorders, affecting pregnancy.

Coping strategies: pay attention to healthy diet, do not blindly lose weight, use supplements and drugs.

Hidden danger 7: environmental pollution

Sub index: 10~20 points. Harmful living and working environment has certain effects on conception.

Frequent exposure to chemicals, lead, anesthetics or X-rays, physical radiation and dietary contamination in life and work can damage human reproductive function.

Coping strategies: stay away from harmful environment for half a year before preparing for pregnancy.

[editor’s note]

Birth is the mission of every couple, everyone likes to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby, if the pregnancy test is normal but late pregnancy, please do not worry, find the reasons, from the life of food and clothing to implement, bad things should be changed, the mood should be relaxed, in short, to adjust life to the best state If you still can’t keep up with it, seek professional help from the doctor as soon as possible.


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