Summer is the hot season for pregnancy, many young couples will choose to prepare in the summer, the next year may-June baby, not cold or hot, the moon sat well, baby care is more convenient.

However, some people have worked hard for a long time, good pregnancy still did not come, what is the reason? In fact, there are many secrets of summer pregnancy, this article for you to present this summer to promote pregnancy guide, not allowed parents to come to accept.

Do you make it? There are many advantages of preparing for pregnancy in the summer.

Babies born in May, June and July are generally in better health than those born in other months, according to a new study.

For babies: This is because the summer pregnancy, then late spring and early summer delivery, can avoid the hottest period, from a medical point of view, summer sperm is active, more easily conceived, and is conducive to the birth of smart babies, summer fruits and vegetables are very rich, pregnant mothers can eat nutritious food It is also conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

For pregnant women: And when the baby is born, it’s time for spring to return to the earth, for everything to recover, and for the body to grow. Avoid the cold winter, the new mother need not be in winter puerperium, for postpartum recovery is very good help, family care is more convenient.

Dry goods! Summer pregnancy, N secrets.

Summer weather is hot, people living in more or less there will be some changes, some changes for pregnant couples is a disadvantageous factor, want to make a small couple should pay attention to the next___

Men should pay attention to cooling.

Summer hot weather, male friends should pay special attention to their “eggs” cooling, because sperm will lose activity in high temperature, it is recommended to wear loose underwear, frequent cleaning, pay attention to private hygiene.

Women should prevent gynecopathy.

Hot summer is also a high incidence of various gynecological diseases season, damp and hot easy to breed bacteria and viruses, it is recommended that mothers not allowed to pay attention to private hygiene, frequent change of underwear, vulva to do a good job of cleaning, with the time to pay attention to personal hygiene, reduce bacterial infections.

Pay attention to diet hygiene.

Summer food is easy to spoil, eating spoiled food is not only a kind of damage to the stomach and intestines, but also on the formation of embryos will have a great interference! Food should be bought home in time into the refrigerator, refrigeration, storage. The production and storage of foods should be separated from each other, and the tools such as knives and boards should not be mixed to prevent cross contamination.

Keep a good mood.

It is necessary for both sides to achieve a happy state to create villains, so as to achieve a more effective strike. However, summer weather is muggy, people will be somewhat irritable mood, appetite drops, this situation is not conducive to pregnancy. Therefore, it is suggested that you must adjust your mindset and maintain a good mood before you can arrange “making people”.

Have enough rest.

Summer is generally relatively late to sleep, many people like to stay up late, daytime become dizzy and poor spirit. You know, frequent staying up late has adverse effects on the quality of germ cells. It is suggested that we should keep early hours and study in order to provide a healthy body for pregnancy.

The room temperature is 26 degrees.

Phenomenon, in the summer night at 35 degrees Celsius to do “exercise” is how hot, air conditioning is necessary! However, many people like to turn the air conditioning on very low, covered with thick quilt, it is not scientific, it is best to control the room temperature at 26 degrees Celsius is appropriate, both comfortable conducive to small people and not easy to catch a cold.

Avoid bad weather.

Typhoon days, thunderstorms and other bad weather is not suitable for small people, why? Because such extreme weather, people’s emotions will also be affected, in addition, thunder and lightning will produce strong rays, resulting in chromosomal aberration of germ cells, so we should avoid conception in bad weather.

AA must have rules and skills.

AA frequency can not be too high, generally 2 times a week, it is recommended that sexual intercourse during ovulation. Choose gestures that are easy to conceive, such as male, female, inferior, lateral and posterior.

Folic acid supplement

It is generally known that folic acid should be eaten during pregnancy, but many women do not treat it as a task. They often forget to eat it today and tomorrow when they think of it. It is not feasible to fish for three days and sun-screen for two days. It is suggested that mothers should set up an alarm clock to eat folic acid regularly every day at a dose of 400 micrograms per day.


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