As we all know, too little sperm is one of the main causes of infertility, but few people know that too much sperm is not a good thing. Similarly, the phenomenon that normal men have too much sperm is actually one of the sperm quality problems. Prospective fathers with this problem should pay attention.

I. too much sperm

Too much sperm does not mean that men are more fertile. For pregnant men, if the sperm count exceeds the normal maximum value, or even exceeds 1-2 times (sperm count >300 million / ml), it can also be attributed to the quality of sperm.

Some pregnant men mistakenly believe that too much sperm will be conducive to fertility. In fact, the harm of too much sperm can not be ignored: too much sperm and overcrowding will not only affect the vitality of sperm, making it difficult to travel through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tube, but also those with too much sperm are likely to have some hormone dysfunction, so that although the number of sperm is large, the quality may not be very high. This is also the main cause of infertility caused by too much sperm.

It is worth noting that pregnant men should pay attention to whether they have prostatitis if their sperm count exceeds 400million per milliliter.

For patients with spermatozoa, they should eat a frugal diet in life, avoid spicy and thick food, and quit smoking and alcohol; Pay attention to a degree in sexual life, especially those with kidney deficiency should refrain from sexual intercourse; At the same time, we should cooperate with the doctor’s advice and adhere to the treatment according to the course of treatment.

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