As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, pregnant mothers are coveting the seasonal and seasonal delicacies, such as moon cakes and crabs, as well as comfortable holidays.

Eating mooncakes is a ritual event during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and eating crabs is the most important thing in autumn. However, I believe that pregnant mothers have also heard of eating crabs, eating moon cakes caused health problems, which also makes many pregnant mothers worry about these two kinds of delicacies.

Many pregnant mothers believe that holidays are to eat freely and have fun. Moreover, it is not everyday to eat, so we should seize the time to enjoy the delicious food.

Can pregnant women eat moon cakes and crabs during the Mid Autumn Festival? Let’s take a look.

Pregnant women can eat moon cakes, but they should not be gluttonous.

Mooncakes are high in sugar and calories, and are not conducive to digestion, pregnant mothers are prone to accumulate food. Therefore, it is generally not recommended that pregnant mothers eat too many moon cakes.

Mid Autumn Festival, this time is also a harvest season. In addition to moon cakes, a variety of fruits are on the market, pregnant mothers can eat more fresh fruit, as well as seasonal.

Pregnant women eat crabs, pay attention to these points.

The crab is fragrant in autumn wind. The whole family is happy and happy to eat crabs. Can the pregnant mother only watch and drool on the side?

Of course not!

In fact, crabs are rich in protein and trace elements, nourishing the body, pregnant mothers can also eat a small amount, but pay attention not to greedy!

Although crabs have a tonic effect, but it is cold food, pregnant mothers can not eat too much at a time, eat a solution can be.

There are many ways to eat and eat crabs. Some people like to eat crabs raw. But the pregnant mother noticed that the infection rate and infection rate of paragonimiasis larvae cysticercus in crabs are very high, for safety, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers eat crabs raw, it is best to cook them before eating.

The more pregnant, the more attention should be paid to the overall and balanced nutrition. Crabs are delicious and nutritious. As long as fresh crabs are selected and cooked cleanly and thoroughly, pregnant women can eat them, but they must not be greedy.

4 types of pregnant snacks for pregnant mothers

In the rare Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, although mooncakes and crabs can not open the stomach to eat, but choose healthy snacks, as can satisfy the mother’s appetite, the following four healthy snacks are recommended.

1, nuts

Seed food is a good source of vitamins and minerals for the human body, is a good nutritional warehouse, a small amount of daily benefits a lot. There are many kinds of nuts, nutritious and delicious, but they can’t eat much.

2. Dairy products

Pregnant mothers have a great demand for calcium, and dairy products are good sources of high-quality protein, calcium and other nutrients, which are very important for the growth and development of the fetus. Milk, yogurt, milkshakes, cheese, slices and so on are good, as snacks, yogurt will be more in line with the pregnant mother’s appetite.

3. Coarse grain

Rough grain is the staple food, but sometimes can also be used as a snack flavor, pregnant women can try different types of coarse grain, is conducive to supplementing dietary fiber. Whole wheat bread is also a good choice. Pregnant women with constipation problems can use it as a snack. In addition, pregnant women with constipation problems need to drink more water in the dry autumn.

4, fruit

Autumn is the fruit harvest season, pregnant mothers can choose relatively low sugar content of fruits, but most fruits are high in sugar, it is not appropriate to eat more.

Mid-Autumn Festival, although some should be festive food pregnant mother can not eat more, in order to fetal treasure growth and development, pregnant mother or endure it. When the next Mid Autumn Festival comes, pregnant mothers can open their belly to eat.


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