As the saying goes, “pregnant women have a dog’s day and a stove in their belly,” this is because pregnant women have a higher body temperature than ordinary women, but their ability to withstand high temperatures is poor, so pregnant women are more afraid of heat in summer than ordinary people. On a hot summer day, I have a big stomach and sweat every day. Don’t mention how bad it is. How can mothers be clear and refreshing? The following tips can help you.

Replenish water in time

Because of the hot weather in summer, the mother’s metabolism is more vigorous than usual, the body sweats a lot, once not timely replenishment of moisture, it is easy to appear heatstroke, dehydration and other conditions. Therefore, mothers-to-be must drink more water, more soup food, such as boiled water, brine, mung bean soup, lemonade, and other vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, but cold drinks should be as little as possible to avoid contraction of the uterus or gastrointestinal discomfort.

Avoid crowded places.

In muggy weather, pregnant women to the air is not circulating places, prone to chest tightness, shortness of breath, panic and even fainting. If there is no rigid need, pregnant women should try to avoid to public transport, subway, supermarkets, cinemas and other crowded places. Even in the home should also pay attention to keeping the environment ventilated and ventilated, it is suggested that you can carry a small electric fan, so that both cooling and cooling, but also to promote air circulation around the mother-to-be.

Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene

Pregnant women sweat more in summer, more oil secretions, and even vaginal secretions will increase. Therefore, pregnant women in the summer must be diligent to wipe the body, bathe, change clothes, in order to keep the skin clean, the best wear soft, breathable, sweat-absorbing cotton clothes, to prevent the occurrence of rashes and folliculitis. When going out, in addition to a sunshade cap, umbrella, but also ready for a small towel or wet towel, easy to wipe dry sweat on the body at any time, so that the skin remains dry and refreshing.

Ensure regular sleep

Summer physical exhaustion, pregnant women are prone to fatigue, and adequate sleep can supplement physical strength, drive away fatigue. Therefore, in the summer of long days and short nights, expectant mothers should try to go to bed early and get up early, and do some housework in the morning with relatively low temperature, which is conducive to improving the function of temperature regulation and enhancing the tolerance to heat. After lunch, you can take a nap, rest and keep your strength. In addition, don’t go to bed greedy cool Oh, sleep time adjustable temperature at 26 degrees is appropriate, air conditioning and fans do not blow directly, pregnant mothers waist and abdomen should be covered with small sheets to protect the abdomen from cold.   

Although the belly has 37 degrees of small stove, belly outside the hot summer, as long as do the above points, pregnant mothers are not afraid of the summer heat challenge Oh!


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