A mother: seriously, looking at the girl around her one by one, I didn’t expect that I was pregnant. I was not calm for a moment. I was worried that it was also tangled.

Mom: isn’t it? A decline in the birth examination, urine routine has a little problem, I can’t be scared, broken my heart~

Mom C: Yes, yes, it’s not easy to get pregnant, Alexander! I’m so bored. I’m walking on thin ice every day.

Dear friends to be, do you have any changes in your life after pregnancy? Have you become nervous and sensitive and stressed? It is true that after pregnancy, stress is very common, but if the pressure can not be released, it is harmful to the development of the fetus.

▎ the pressure during pregnancy is great, which is really harmful to the baby

Increased risk of preterm birth: stress during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth. Therefore, if the mother to be is under too much pressure, she must express the pressure to avoid abortion.

The baby’s weight is too light: the pressure during pregnancy will also affect the baby’s weight, leading to the baby’s light weight. This is due to the influence of the body mechanism of the expectant mother under the influence of pressure, appetite decline, low nutrition intake, resulting in baby light.

Sleep disorders in infants: studies have shown that babies born to expectant mothers with chronic stress during pregnancy are more likely to have sleep disorders, which can cause many health and psychological problems.

Infant behavior problems: babies born to expectant mothers who suffer from excessive stress during pregnancy may also have behavioral problems.

▎ in the face of pregnancy pressure, a few tips to teach you to release

   A kind of Adjust position

Pregnancy is a special period, can not be too tired, if the position has a very heavy task to complete, is not conducive to the health of pregnant women, or to timely adjust the post is more appropriate.

   A kind of Eat well and sleep well

Too much pressure often leads to loss of appetite, if you eat not enough nutrition during pregnancy, it will not go up, affect the development of fetal baby oh. In addition, lack of sleep can also make people listless, depressed, therefore, to establish a regular diet and work and rest habits, which can relieve pressure and protect the baby in the fetus.

   A kind of Develop interests and hobbies

Some mums are very boring at home every day. You can cultivate some hobbies, such as flower art, handicraft, calligraphy, reading, etc. you can do what you like in your spare time during pregnancy, which can not only kill time, but also make people happy and relieve pressure.

   A kind of Exercise

Exercise is also a good way to reduce blood pressure and prevent obesity during pregnancy, which is beneficial to the baby and itself. Pregnant women can choose some aerobic exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming are good choices, but the more intense heavy load exercise such as running, climbing stairs, etc. should not be done.

   A kind of Learn to meditate

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress during pregnancy. The method is very simple, you can find a bright place to sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath, don’t think about anything.

   A kind of Do housework properly

Doing housework also has a certain effect on reducing blood pressure. However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to their own practice. Do not do too heavy housework. You can do something relaxing, such as preparing some maternity supplies, especially the baby room, which can make you feel full of happiness.

   A kind of Take a deep breath

Deep breathing every day can help you control your thoughts and emotions and relieve stress. You can try this: as you inhale, expand your abdomen. As you exhale, let your abdomen relax and release all your tension.

   A kind of Talk to family and friends

Pregnant pressure, do not hide in your heart, you can find friends and relatives to talk about, let them help you out, this is also a great help to release pressure.

   A kind of Talk to a professional doctor

If you can’t relieve the pressure by talking to your family and friends, consult a professional doctor and ask them to give you effective advice.


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