After several cooling downs, the arrival of autumn has been clearly felt. Although cool and comfortable, but very dry, whether physical or skin state, do not respond well, it is easy because it is difficult to adapt to many problems. The pregnant mother’s physical condition during pregnancy is special, and it is more important to do a comprehensive response.

1. Skin hydration and moisturization

Influenced by changes in estrogen, the skin condition of pregnant mothers is no better than that of pregnant mothers. Many pregnant mothers can feel that after pregnancy, the skin condition becomes worse, water shortage, long spots and other problems have emerged one after another. After autumn, it is especially uncomfortable. The skin becomes very sensitive, not only tense, but also itchy.

Skin is prone to problems at the beginning of seasonal change. First of all, when the season changes, the skin’s self-resistance and barrier function decline, coupled with external environmental stimuli, leading to more sensitive. To improve this condition, pregnant mothers must take good care of their skin. Skin care is also very important after pregnancy, but it is often overlooked.

Skin care during pregnancy must learn to subtract skin. In addition to changing daily skin care products and choosing special skin care products for pregnant women, some complicated steps should be omitted, such as exfoliation, to ensure the most basic care.

Many mothers feel itchy skin, especially their stomach, and they can’t help scratching. Skin itching is generally associated with an increase in estrogen. Dry autumn weather, coupled with insufficient water in the body, can exacerbate itching. During pregnancy, pay attention to hygiene and keep skin clean. The selected shower lotion has the effect of replenishing water and moisturizing. After bathing, some moisturizing lotion can be applied appropriately. For abdominal striae gravidarum, a small amount of olive oil can be applied to prevent or alleviate local itching. Remember to scratch with your hands to avoid aggravating symptoms.

As long as the skin is carefully maintained, especially moisturized and moisturized, the problem of dry skin in autumn can be easily dealt with.

2. Diet moistens the lungs to remove dryness

Mothers should adjust their diet and eat more nourishing and moist foods besides ensuring their own and fetal nutrition. Drink more water, eat some honey water, yam, lily, pear, tremella, lotus root and other “white food” can moisten dry.

Here are two recipes for moisturizing and drying.

Fig lotus seed Lily soup

Ingredients: figs 30 grams, lotus seed 25 grams, Lily 25 grams, pig tendon 200 grams, salt 1 teaspoon.

Step 1: Wash the figs, remove the lotus seeds, and break the lilies into pieces.

Step 2: wash pork tendon and cut it into chunks.

Step 3: Pig tendon meat into the pot, pour into the water, boil the fire, remove blood water, fish out and rinse off foam.

Step 4: In a separate soup pot, add pork, figs, lotus seeds and lilies, and pour in the water that floods the food.

Step 5: After boiling over high heat, boil over low heat for 1-2 hours and season with salt.

Lotus Root and Lily Lean Broth

Ingredients: lotus root 1 sections, pork tenderloin 500 grams, fresh lily 2, medlar 20, salt 1 teaspoon, clear water 2000 ml, ginger 4.

Step 1: Wash the wolfberry and Lily and set aside.

Step 2: Lotus root peeled and cut into triangles and soaked in clear water to prevent oxidation and blackening;

Step 3: cut the pork tenderloin into 4 cm square pieces.

Step 4: Put the fillet into the pot, pour in clear water without meat, boil over high heat, and skim off the foam.

Step 5: Re-prepare a pot of water, add ginger slices, lotus root, medlar and lily, and burn for five minutes.

Step 6: Then change to medium and small heat, stew for about an hour, and season with salt.


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