Many pregnant mothers still need to complete their work step by step during pregnancy. One is because the maternity leave is not so early, the other is to save milk powder money for the baby.

Some pregnant moms will worry: if they work so hard every day and have limited rest time, will it affect the development of the fetus? This is related to how pregnant mothers balance work and child care.

As long as there is no major physical problem and the work intensity is not particularly strong, it is recommended that pregnant mothers continue to work. Because work can bring satisfaction, it can also distract pregnant mothers’ attention, relieve the uneasiness and worry caused by pregnancy, and it is easier to return to work after childbirth.

If you are worried that you can’t balance work and child care, you may as well master some small skills, which will not affect the quality of work and the health of the fetus in the abdomen.

1. Avoid rush hour commute

Pregnant Mommy wants to go to work on time. She’d better go out earlier than other people to avoid the rush hour. After all, it’s not only difficult for the bus to wait at the rush hour, but also a lot of people on the bus, who will inevitably bump into it. After work, you can stay in the office for a while to avoid the crowd. Of course, if the company allows it, you can apply to go to work early and get off work early, which will not affect the working hours and quality, and avoid the rush hour.

2. Don’t hide the fact of pregnancy

Even strong women need to receive help from others at the right time, so don’t hide it when you are pregnant. You can let your colleagues know about it. They won’t question your ability to work, but will give you more help in your work. In this way, you can relax and conceive the fetus, and take into account the work, kill two birds with one stone.

3. Wear appropriate professional clothes during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers don’t think there’s anything wrong with their clothes. But in the middle of pregnancy, you still need to see customers or other partners for paunchy. If you wear too casual clothes, it may affect the image of the company, and you will feel embarrassed; but if you wear too tight clothes, you will oppress your stomach. Therefore, pregnant mothers can choose maternity professional clothes, which not only conforms to the workplace status, but also does not appear to be too fat and lack of confidence.

4. Pay attention to adequate nutrition

Pregnant moms in the workplace have three meals a day. At least they need to have lunch outside. It’s common for office workers to settle their lunch at will. They can fix it at will. But for pregnant mothers, they should worry about whether it will cause malnutrition and affect the growth and development of the fetus.

If the company has a canteen or choose a restaurant with more dishes, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should be properly equipped with meat and vegetables. Maybe bring your own nutritious lunch, and if not necessary, reduce the chances of eating out. Because pregnant moms often feel hungry, you may as well prepare some snacks or fruits in the office, in case you are hungry to yourself and the fetus.

5. Keep away from smoking area

If pregnant mothers are exposed to secondhand smoke for a long time, tobacco smoke will have a direct impact on the uterine environment. For example, the toxic gases such as carbon monoxide released during the combustion of tobacco will reduce the maternal blood oxygen concentration, which will lead to fetal hypoxia; nicotine, an addictive drug in tobacco, can cause vascular stenosis and slow down the blood flow, which means that the nutrition and oxygen provided to the fetus will be reduced, which is easy to cause premature birth.

If your colleagues smoke, you can stop it properly or stay away from the smoking area. The air purifier or green plant can also be placed at the desk to purify the air in time and avoid its harm.


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