Mom: my God, I’m pregnant and my skin is back before liberation.

Mom: congratulations. Maybe you’re pregnant with a baby boy.

Mother C: many examples around me are that when the skin of pregnant women becomes better, the boy is worse.

It is rumored that the skin of a pregnant boy will get worse and that of a pregnant girl will get better. Is this rumor true? Is there a scientific basis? This article will give you an answer.

▎ “beautiful women, ugly men and ugly women” is unscientific!

The existence and explanation of this rumor seems to be very reasonable: if the expectant mother is pregnant with nubao, the estrogen in the body will be high, and the skin will be relatively good. On the contrary, the expectant mother is pregnant with Nanbao, and the skin will be poor if she has more androgen.

Many people believe it. But what if you have a dragon and Phoenix fetus? How do you explain this? So won’t there be greater changes in mother’s hormone levels? But it has been reported that there is no significant difference in the level of steroids in mothers (androgen and estrogen belong to sterols) between single sex twins and dragon and Phoenix twins.

▎ it’s true that estrogen is good for the skin, but there must be a degree!

For women, estrogen is good for the skin, but the premise is that the level of estrogen cannot be too high.

Studies have confirmed that estrogen plays an important role in maintaining the normal structure and function of skin and subcutaneous tissue. As women age, estrogen levels decline, and the skin becomes loose, inelastic, dull, and so on.

Topical application of estrogen can improve these problems and make the skin more tender. It is worth noting that the irritation level should be kept at a certain level. Exceeding it is not good, which will lead to skin pigmentation. This is what we usually see. The skin of expectant mothers turns black after pregnancy, which is due to the high level of estrogen.

▎ is there any difference in the effect of fetal sex on Mother’s estrogen?

So is estrogen too high for girls and not for boys? Not at all! At present, there is no unified view on the influence of fetal gender on maternal hormone level.

Compared with before pregnancy, regardless of the sex of the fetus, the hormone level in the mother will change significantly, and estrogen, progesterone and testosterone will rise significantly. However, no matter boys or girls, there is no significant difference in estrogen in expectant mothers when their mothers are close to birth, and the skin quality of expectant mothers is not only related to hormone levels, but also closely related to eating habits and living environment. It can not be concluded by the sex of the fetus alone.

▎ what are the factors affecting mother’s skin during pregnancy?

Living habits: if expectant mothers have good living habits, diversified meals, balanced nutrition, regular work and rest, go to bed early and get up early, their skin will be better than those expectant mothers who often stay up late.

Water consumption: drinking more water during pregnancy can promote detoxification, prevent constipation and make the skin more shiny. On the contrary, expectant mothers who don’t like drinking water have less good skin and are prone to constipation.

Stress level: when the pressure is too high, our body will release a kind of hormone called cortisol, which will make the skin shiny and shiny, and acne will come to our door. In addition, this hormone will make the existing skin problems more serious, such as psoriasis, rosacea and so on.


There are many reasons that affect the skin of pregnant mothers. The saying “beautiful women, ugly men and ugly women” is unscientific. There is no clear conclusion whether the sex of the fetus has a significant impact on the hormone level of the mother, and there is no significant difference in the impact of gender on the hormone level. Whether the skin of pregnant women is delicate and whether their face is good-looking is related to many external factors.


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