After pregnancy, the mother’s body changes a lot, the belly bulges, legs will be swollen, not to mention. Compared with these, what I want to talk about today is the part of the mother who is usually shy of speaking out – the breast. There are many changes in breast, because in pregnancy by hormone changes in the body, and breast preparation for postpartum breast feeding, breast will appear during pregnancy, the following four changes, pregnant mother to understand it first.

1. Breast growth

Breast enlargement after pregnancy is the most obvious change of all women’s breasts after pregnancy, which is jokingly called “secondary development” by many women, from “airport” to small tall buildings, if it had been developed before, it would have been turbulent.

Why does breast develop twice? So during pregnancy, under the action of progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin, the adipose tissue of breast increases, blood supply increases, promoting the increase and growth of breast ducts and mammary glands. About 6-8 weeks of gestation, the breasts of pregnant mothers usually increase by 1-2 cups or more. In 3-4 months or so, the growth will be faster, and in the third trimester, breast growth will be more obvious.

If it is the first fetus, the change of breast growth will be more obvious. And what can it grow to? Different mothers have different situations. Some mothers may not be obvious, while others are very obvious.

2. Darkening of areola

After pregnancy, maternal blood supply increases by nearly half, so our blood vessels become very visible, especially in the abdomen and breasts.

In addition, under the stimulation of sex hormones, prolactin and lutein, the color of areola will deepen, and there will be some protrusions similar to “smallpox”. Don’t squeeze them. These are actually oil-producing glands, which secrete oily substances, so as to prevent the skin of nipples and areola from cracking due to dry and rapid growth. In addition, the areola will begin to expand around.

3. The appearance of stria gravidarum

Belly and thigh are the favorite parts of stretch marks, but they also creep up to the breast. The cause of stretch marks in breast is the same as long stretch marks in abdomen. Because of weight gain, the chest is also enlarged, the elastic and collagen fibers of the skin are damaged or broken, the skin becomes thinner and thinner, resulting in some wavy patterns of different width and length, that is, pregnancy lines.

4. Silently Leaking Milk

During pregnancy, breasts prepare for postpartum lactation, and the first stage of milk production is actually completed in the second trimester of pregnancy. Late in pregnancy, the breast may secrete a small amount of milk ingredients, such as lactose. Individual pregnant mothers may even leak milk, but this is relatively rare.

If this happens, the mother should not panic, after all, it is normal, just put a small piece of anti-overflow pad in her underwear to avoid embarrassment.


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