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Today Guagua recommends something about “Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy”.

Less bodily worries, the second trimester is very comfortable, but Guagua wants to remind you that one thing is that you are starting to prevent stretch marks.

What does a stretch look like? It’s usually an irregular purple or reddish streak that appears randomly in your stomach, thighs, breasts, etc. Once you have stretch marks, it’s very difficult to disappear, even after the baby is born, it will stay on you.

Some people say that gestational stretch marks are mother’s medal, but for you, of course, hope it doesn’t grow out.

As for how to prevent stretch marks, mothers usually rub milk or olive oil on their belly. But don’t be surprised to pour cold water. There is no evidence that these skincare products are useful in preventing stretch marks. The reason is very simple. Your biology teacher has long said that skin is the solid defense line of the human body, meaning that almost nothing can easily penetrate through the epidermis and penetrate into deeper skin. And those oiling products or external maintenance products, often are directly on the skin epidermis, so it does not play a role.

So what is the right way to prevent it?

First of all, you need to know that the occurrence of stretch marks is closely related to weight gain during pregnancy. The more meat you grow, the more likely you will have stretch marks. Secondly, it is also related to age. The younger you are, the more likely you will have stretch marks.

Therefore, more reliable prevention methods are: first, maintain a balanced diet, appropriate control of weight growth; second, late childbirth, but this may not be in line with your current situation, so try to control weight! In addition, although exercise can not directly reduce the production of stretch marks, but it is helpful to control weight, we must adhere to exercise oh.

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After the second trimester of pregnancy, many expectant mothers gradually found that their bellies had some fine lines like “watermelon peel”, which is pregnancy streak, once it appears, it is difficult to fade. Why do gestational striae grow after pregnancy? When and where are the parts of pregnant women prone to gestational striae? Guagua selected two expert questions and answers about “gestational striae” from Xiao Liling, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. For more details about expert interviews, please check out the topic: Master the right way to easily get rid of stretch marks (click on the previous text to jump to the topic page)

Q: Why do stretch marks grow after pregnancy?

Dr. Xiao Liling answered:

Pregnancy striae is a kind of atrophic striae. It is simply understood that pregnancy striae are the breakage of skin fibers during pregnancy. As the abdomen begins to bulge, the skin becomes thinner and finer, and the elastic fibers of the skin gradually break, forming some pink or purple wavy patterns. After childbirth, these patterns will gradually disappear, leaving a white or silver-white glossy scar, that is, stretch marks.

Question: When and where do pregnant women have stretch marks?

Dr. Xiao Liling answered:

The occurrence of stria gravidarum is very common in women, most of which begin around 24 weeks of gestation. The predilection of striae gravidarum depends to a certain extent on the part of the skin which is easy to be pulled. For example, inflatable streaks are more common in the armpits and arms of weightlifters, while gestational streaks are more common in the abdomen and chest, as well as in the back, buttocks and proximal extremities.


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