Women become very sensitive after pregnancy. A little thing can touch their hearts. Therefore, many expectant mothers become “crying ghosts” during pregnancy. The father to be doesn’t understand why the mother to be can use half a bag of paper to chase a TV play. In fact, this is the hormone in the body of the mother to be after pregnancy. The father to be should be more considerate. However, expectant mothers should also learn to control their emotions and not let bad emotions affect their babies.

Expectant mothers become “crying ghosts” during pregnancy

Some expectant mothers become very sensitive, excited, angry and cry after pregnancy. One day, you may be overjoyed at the thought of having a baby, but then you may worry about the future, whether the baby is healthy, whether the relationship between husband and wife will be affected, financial problems, etc.

Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy are most likely to occur in the early stage of pregnancy. Some early pregnancy reactions, such as vomiting, heartburn, fatigue and frequent urination, may bring psychological burden to the expectant mother, making the expectant mother’s mood volatile, sensitive and crying.

Mothers to be crying will affect the fetus

Cry if you want? No, when you are pregnant with a baby, crying is not your business. When you cry, the baby in your stomach will be affected!

1. Expectant mothers love to cry, and babies also want to cry

The sentimentality of the mother to be will affect the baby. If the mother to be cries often, the baby in her belly will also have such emotions. You know, after 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has perception. The mother to be often cries. When the fetus feels uncomfortable, he must be sad and cry in his mother’s womb, right?

2. Expectant mothers love to cry and babies are easy to be negative

It is often said that the environment will affect people. Babies born to crying expectant mothers are also likely to cry like their mothers. Accumulate too many negative emotions, but can not be corrected and released. After the baby grows up, there may be various psychological problems.

3. Expectant mothers love to cry, and the baby’s weight is easy to be light

Expectant mothers often cry or are emotionally unstable during pregnancy, and the activity of the fetus in the abdomen will increase. If the fetus is often restless in the abdomen, it will lead to excessive physical exertion and light birth weight.

4. Expectant mothers love to cry, and the baby may not stay

In the early stage of pregnancy, when the baby is still an embryo, it is very sensitive to external stimuli and is vulnerable to adverse factors. Uterine convulsions and mental stimulation caused by mothers to be crying may cause the already unstable embryo to fall off and lead to abortion. However, if expectant mothers often cry in the third trimester of pregnancy, the convulsions of the body during crying may lead to uterine contraction and premature delivery.

How do expectant mothers regulate their emotions?

Many expectant mothers become particularly sensitive and cry after pregnancy. They are always angry and shed tears, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of the fetus. Expectant mothers should learn to regulate their emotions when they encounter unhappy things. For expectant mothers to regulate their emotions, try the following tips:

1. Arrange a warm environment

New members are about to be added to the family. After having a baby, the style of the family naturally needs to be adjusted. You can add some baby products and more baby related elements to make the home more lively, warm and lively.

2. Record life during pregnancy

If you are a mother to be with more free time, you might as well write a diary to record your pregnancy life, record the changes of your body and your baby, which will be a long-term memory. In the future, when the baby grows up, you can also share the wonderful clips with the baby in detail and recall the happy pictures with your husband.

3. Listen to relaxing music

Listening to music and aiming at your mother can play a relaxing role. Spend about 20 minutes a day sitting or lying down quietly and listening to some relaxed music. The whole person will feel much more relaxed and comfortable in an instant, and the mood will become very good.

The mother loves to laugh, and the baby will be happy. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to controlling their emotions, learn to adjust their emotions and maintain a happy mood, so that the baby can grow healthily.


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