After pregnancy, many expectant mothers often hear the nagging about blood sugar, but they always don’t take it seriously. In fact, blood glucose is not only a painless number, it is closely related to the probability of complications of future mothers and children.

So, it’s very important to control blood sugar. I don’t want to be a “sugar mother”. The following points should be understood!

1. He said that he would not have high blood sugar, so he slapped his face

For ordinary people, the normal value of fasting blood glucose can be maintained in the range of 3.9 ~ 6.1mmol/l, but due to the particularity of pregnant women, the normal value of fasting blood glucose is strictly controlled, and the normal value of fasting blood glucose of pregnant women is 3.1-5.6mmol/l.

Many expectant mothers always feel that “gestational diabetes mellitus” is far away from themselves. Before measuring their blood glucose, they did not think that they would have high blood glucose. As a result, when they measure their blood glucose, they come to the door! If their blood glucose is too high, the difficulty of delivery will increase, and the birth of the fetus will be too big. There are many troubles!

2. What causes high blood glucose in pregnant women?

If you don’t want to be friends with hyperglycemia, you can’t just keep your mouth shut. There are five main reasons for hyperglycemia: unreasonable diet structure, overweight, family genetic history, excessive gestational age and hormone blocking insulin secretion.

Generally speaking, it is the “curse comes from the mouth”, unreasonable diet structure is the common reason for high blood sugar. Many pregnant women like to eat high calorie, high-fat food, food stimulation makes insulin secretion increase. When the function of the islets can not bear this pressure, insulin secretion can not meet the needs of the mother to be, it will cause high blood glucose during pregnancy.

In addition, the lack of exercise and overweight of pregnant women can easily lead to high blood glucose, which is of course due to the fact that ge you lies down when she is full. We have found out the main culprits of high blood glucose, and then we need to prescribe the right medicine to the case

3, gestational blood sugar is on the high side? Adjust like this

Diet control

First of all, we should control the intake of high sugar foods, such as some fruits with high sugar, eat less or not. You can choose vegetables and fruits with low sugar content, such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Fruits can be placed between meals, which can delay the rise of blood sugar and help to control blood sugar.

Some staple foods such as steamed bread, noodles and rice also affect blood sugar. In the case of high blood sugar, it is recommended to eat coarse cereals rice, which is easy to satisfy the hunger, but also easy to digest, which is good for controlling blood sugar. It is also necessary to ensure the intake of meat, eggs and milk, and increase the intake of vegetables.

Eat less and eat more

Pregnant mother to control blood sugar rise, while ensuring the normal development of the fetus, can take the principle of eating less and more meals, so that food can be digested and absorbed as much as possible. It’s better to have three big meals and three small meals. Also try to eliminate high sugar snacks, such as chocolate, biscuits, can choose dried fruit, nuts, etc.

Weight control

Pregnant mother to late weight gain too fast, easy to cause obesity during pregnancy, obesity during pregnancy will naturally lead to excessive blood sugar. There is a range of weight gain during pregnancy. If the weight gain exceeds the standard, the doctor will inform and give appropriate control methods. Please follow the doctor’s guidance.

Proper exercise

Appropriate exercise of pregnant women can help to improve insulin sensitivity and effectively control blood glucose. Pregnant women can do yoga or gymnastics indoors, or choose to do some outdoor activities, such as outdoor exercise after meals, Taijiquan in the morning, etc. It can be tried to relax and not strenuous exercise, pregnant women should achieve the effect of exercise fever but not sweating.

In order to effectively control hyperglycemia in pregnant women, we should adhere to exercise at least three times a week, each exercise lasting for 30-60 minutes, of course, including preparatory activities and post exercise activities.


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