Do you remember the first time you felt the happiness and surprise of fetal movement?

“It’s like a baby knocking on the door in his stomach,” he said. At that time, I didn’t know it was fetal movement, but I thought it was my illusion. But soon after, I felt it again. At that time, I felt more obvious. I wanted to tell the world that after so many weeks of pregnancy, my baby finally said hello to me

“The feeling of fetal movement is like a little fish swimming around in the stomach, and it can also gurgle and itch; it is like a heart beating in the stomach, and sometimes it seems that it is indigestion and bubbles are swimming.”

When many mothers feel the fetal movement for the first time, they are so surprised that they are about to cry out. You must be the same, right?

In fact, with the change of gestational weeks, fetal movement also has changes. At the beginning, if there is no small movement, fetal movement is not obvious, with the increase of gestational weeks, fetal movement will become obvious, frequent, regular, and near the prenatal, fetal movement will become quiet, but still regular.

After all, what is the fetal movement of each stage?

In general, if a pregnant mother is pregnant for the first time, fetal movement may occur in 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus is still small, and the fetal movement is not obvious, as light as a butterfly flapping its wings. But with the increase of gestational age, fetal movement will become more and more intense and regular.

After about 20-24 weeks of gestation, the number of fetal movements gradually increases, and the pregnant mother will feel the power of fetal treasure becoming stronger and stronger; by the time of 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can feel the paroxysmal jump of the abdomen, which is the fetal hiccup. Because of the sufficient amniotic fluid, Taibao can also move freely in the uterus. At this time, the fetus can hear the sound of the outside world, as long as it feels the external prick When excited, TA will suddenly move.

From 28 weeks of gestation, the number of fetal movement is more, the amplitude of fetal movement is also large, but also become regular, the baby sleep fetal movement significantly reduced, even if there is fetal movement, the movement is also very small. At 28-32 weeks of gestation, the pregnant mother can obviously feel the fetal movement, but the amplitude is smaller. This is because the fetal baby is growing up and the space in the pregnant mother’s uterus becomes narrow, which limits the fetal baby’s activities. About 32 weeks of gestation, fetal movement will reach a peak.

About 33-36 weeks of gestation, the fetal movement will be a little naughty, at this time, the baby may stab the mother’s stomach with his small arm or leg, or kick the ribs of the pregnant mother with pain. At 36-40 weeks of gestation, the longer the fetus is, the greater the range of activity in the uterus is reduced, and the movement of turning over is reduced. The fetal movement may be slightly slower.

The four modes of fetal movement are different

1. Whole body movement: the movement of the whole body of the baby, such as turning over. This kind of movement strength is relatively strong, and the duration of each movement is relatively long, generally 3-30 seconds.

2. Chest wall movement: relatively short and weak, generally not easy to feel.

3. Body movement: the baby stretches his arm and turns his body in the womb of the pregnant mother. The duration of each movement is generally 1-15 seconds.

4. Lower limb exercise: kicking of fetus. This kind of action is very fast, the strength is relatively weak, the duration of each fetal movement is generally less than 1 second.

In the period of frequent fetal movement, seize the time to interact

Fetal movement is not always very active, because Taibao also has its own activity time. If you want to have a “close encounter” with your baby, pay attention to the following times.

Before going to bed: the fetus is most active at night, especially before going to bed;

After eating: the blood sugar of pregnant mother rises, which stimulates frequent fetal movement;

After bathing: the pregnant mother’s mood was relaxed and the blood circulation was accelerated, and the fetal activity was enhanced;

Fetal education: when communicating with Taibao, the fetus will respond to external stimuli.

Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to the baby’s fetal movement, and in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, they should also adhere to the number of fetal movements, and timely understand the healthy state of fetal treasure development. When the pregnant mother can feel the obvious fetal movement, the real feeling of being a mother is more and more sufficient. This kind of happiness belongs to the mother alone!


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